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  1. Hows it comin man?!?!? Lets see it :D
  2. You look just like my ex.. sep he had a mustache and looked alil like honest abe.. but hes a dick.. oddly enough.. everyone loves him.. and yet hates him at the same time.. sounds kinda like what I've read about in here... dono who you are but what the hell.. can't be any worse than what I promise you I will end up doing in here lol
  3. I have never taken a vehicle I owned to a shop.. unless I worked there and wanted to use the lift lol. I recently moved to far away to work on my parents vehicles, my dad sent me the note from the shop he took my little sister's pt cruiser to for brakes.. $3k.. I bought choked.. Working at a shop, I used to see everything from people dieseling a gas engine, not knowing they had a wheel lock, let alone where it is. How to pop their own hood, or ever know what kind of car they drive.. LITERALLY.. I asked this lady year and model of a ford explore and shes like uh, I know its a white truck?
  4. again, not looking for the quickest ride... also again, not looking to leave the bow tie family which especially means no Doritos lol. How is the structure of these trucks? Can anyone give me any insight one their truck builds? Are there any especially difficult areas/jobs when it come to cutting into these trucks?
  5. OK.. I hope yall are ready to meet the pack.. there are a few.. lol First! Char Char 3yrs Bloodhound 120lbs Holly 1yr pit heavy! lol Serj 4yrs pit, 150lbs Oscar (bubba dog) 13yrs 13lbs dachshund Rosko (Co dog) 13 yrs 70lbs mutt Dolly 4yrs 20 lbs Dachshund Tow Mater (Mater) 2yrs 12lbs Ossalopsa (spelling?) We have a large collection of dogs, MOST of them are dumped on our road. Serj, Holly, Mater, Co co, also, plugitin and daisey both just passed away last year they were beagles both 18yrs old, died different times, we think d
  6. Thanks fastdadd you see what I'm looking for. I'm not looking for something that is gonna break 9s in a quarter mile. I'm not looking for something easy. I'm not looking for the prettiest truck on the block. NOW. The fact that I can get the same hp and tq outa this inline as I can a v8 is one reason I am going for it. Like I said Im not looking for nothing but speed, I simply want a respectable motor for it, something you dont see every day (which this thread makes me pretty confident that I wont see another 620 with this drive train any time soon lol) I have done my fair share of SBC swaps, a
  7. *I* don't see many 620s * LOL.. infact I havn't seen one in months.
  8. Ive owned six of the v4.3 I am not interested in doing another one. I havn't played to much with the i6 which is why I am choosing it. Which its actually going to be easier than the original thought of throwing in a merc diesel. :D the 4200 is more than 1hp per sq" and is something I could put on propane when I get that far. It is a torque heavy engine that will help me make this truck mean. :cool:
  9. Kinda being a dick there don't you think? I am getting a chassis that was junk yard bound (or close to). Second it wouldn't matter my qualification.. I'm not asking permission, I'm asking for advice because I've never worked on THIS truck before. I highly doubt anything I say will make you feel that I am qualified, and I'm fine with that. :fu: I have never been to school for this, I dont have a daddy whos into cars, just me, my collection of tools and a desire to tear shitt apart(learn). This will be a learning experience for me...but I think I can handle it just like the rest of my
  10. Alright fellas. I might have found a chassis so, if that goes through step one will be complete. :D Now I am looking at the 4.2 i6 with 4L60E and 8.5 with 3.42s for a drive train. I do realize this will require a bit firewall loss. But how hard do you think it will be for me to get this combo into this tiny truck??? Can anyone provide me the dimensions for the rear end space in these trucks? I'm kinda throwin this together with out having a clue of what I can actually make fit. But I would like to have some sorta game plan.
  11. Thanks everyone! Idaho is definantly a drive but if I found the right truck then I would be willing to drive my trailer up there. Im not to worried about it running though, I don't plan on keeping the orig. drive train. I gotta stick to my roots and keep it bowtie :D As for Char, ya lets say the cat didn't like him much lol. He has the prettiest bay to him. The boys like to get shit faced and play hide and seek with him on the property.. which I need to video tape one day.. nothing like a bunch of country boys runnin from a dog screamin like a girl lol. :rolleyes:
  12. Ha! Ya I saw that alil while after we started that part of the tree. It was all free handed so the tree was kinda just figure it out as he went. I am really happy with it because it is not laid out in a over thought patters or anything, it was pretty much just running with it. :D
  13. I will be in Fl next week! What part of GA are you in? I won't be able to buy it next week (holidays are expensive) But I would love to come look at it and talk with you about it. I can buy it the first of next year. Edit: is there a bed???
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