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  1. So they guy comes to pickup his Skyline from the shop, and he shows up in this... Rough life having 2 of these baby's in your garage....
  2. Yea he's got it all torn apart, he's trying to go for a GT-R look I guess with the new fenders and quarter extensions, its not really bad from a bodywork perspective, no rust, no dings or dents to speak of really, its going the original nissan black pearl #732 that it came with. maybe I can snap a couple pics with progress.
  3. A guy walks into my shop...says he wants to paint his car... I figure the guy for a Honda or Toyota guy... So..I walk out to take a look at what he's got and what do I find waiting outside..
  4. I dont want to say i'm jealous but....nice find .....damm...more pics! hows the interior?? P4270332 by skyhorse92v, on Flickr
  5. sigh...ive always wanted one of these....just not the right time...
  6. Where else are you posting it? My blue 71 sold in a week off classic z car ....i also listed it at JNC website and craigslist of course...maybe you should list it at HybridZ....since it is one ... nice looking Z...needs a little work but most do nice though...good price too...wish I was back in the market for a Z...but ive got kids too...lol
  7. now this I like....made me laugh out loud :) http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/sea/2979885438.html
  8. it gets umm worse... http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/den/3083676238.html
  9. I really don't know what to say about this ..... http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/knx/3091802234.html
  10. Ok, well this is back around 1989 - 1990 or so, I'm driving in my just barely finished gold 71 240Z, fresh paint, fresh L28 cammed, new Ztherapy carbs, new 5 speed, lightened flywheel, center force clutch, etc etc...point is the Z is in its prime...fast...smooth as silk just about perfect as she could be...just finished everything ...so Im heading up to Melrose Hollywood area to meet up w/ some friends at a new club on a Friday night from Torrance up the 405 fwy, and the smart shortcut thing to do is jump off the freeway at la Cienega blvd...a big main road at some parts its 3 lanes on each side, i'm still going thru where its mostly commercial / industrial buildings, somewhere close to Pico Blvd...heading north at a high rate of speed...say 50 or so...there's a red light coming up ahead, I can see the lights about to go green any second, and there's no traffic crossing the street in front of me, so I look over and the far right lane is wide open...I drop a gear, slide to the right lane and figure i'll do a curbside pass of all the traffic... here's where the problem starts...just prior to the intersection, there's one of those long storm drains...like 5- 6 feet long...and for some reason this one is sunk down low into the ground...making for a sort of double inverted set of speed bumps...well shit...I hit this thing at 60+ or so in my Z and sent me off the ground slightly and I landed in a sort of diagonal slide going from the south east corner of the street thru the intersection, heading towards the north west corner which happened to have a solid concrete building on the corner....like one of those phone company switching station buildings...all concrete no windows...and its the drivers side ( my side! ) heading right for it....lucky for me everyone is still basically stopped at the intersection...anyways suddenly as i'm about 1 lane away from the building and im trying to correct the slide, the tires grabbed and somehow I whipped back across to the fast lane of my side of the street....hitting NOTHING....I couldn't believe it...I just kept going like I knew what i was doing... a couple guys pulled up alongside and gave me a thumbs up , I just smiled...knowing how close I just came to dying... here's the Z ...not a scratch on her...
  11. You know thats so true...you wouldnt think of "stealing" an extra soda....notice in the pics that there are stacks of oil at the pumps....no one would dream of taking one without paying for it.... something has been lost over the years....I remember in my neighborhood no one ever locked their front doors either...everyone knew everyone...its funny how all the kids came out and played together too...we always had like 15-20 kids outside after dinner...parents didnt have to worry....these days im scared to let my kids out of my sight for a second...sigh.
  12. yep you put your dime in, cranked that handle down, which released the "locks" on the necks of all the bottles, opened the door, pulled out your soda of choice, and that triggered the locks to reactivate....grandpa had a key to the machine...and there were always a bunch of wooden cases of soda right next to the machine to reload it...no one ever touched the warm sodas...everyone wanted an Ice Cold Coke....I thought it was so cool when he would open the machine to fill er up...( or give me a freebie ) ohh I found that old pic of me working at the service station....on our families old 51 Chrysler Windsor...I wish we could see the station / gas pumps etc better...
  13. I found a coke machine that looks very close to the one I remember at the station, it had a long skinny door all the way down, and used the old glass 8oz? coke bottles...I recall some other choices in the machine too..."bubble up" maybe? like 7up sorta... i grabbed a pic - see below, I have some pics from the early sixties when im at the station "helping" im thinking they are right out in the garage... ill go look in a bit when my 2 year old goes down for her nap. I also have this cool pic of my grandfather getting an award from the flying A exec's ill try to find that tooo....its cool
  14. I saw this CL ad...did you get him down in price a few bucks? really clean body and interior...( for sitting so long...) nice find.
  15. Just wanted to see this pic 1 more time....
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