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  1. I have a 72 521 with l20b 5speed dogleg, my slave cylinder leaked all the fluid form the slave, i replaced it with a new slave cylinder and did the same thing again ? Anyone know why ? I’m running the 521 clutch fork and dogleg 5speed. Thanks
  2. When I pull the switch on the first position the front facing lights don’t work, when I pull it on the second they don’t work either, they only work when theKey switch on the truck is on and on the second position on the light switch. Dash lights all work, liscence plate light doesn’t work. I tried the quarter trick no luck ? Wondering if I have a bad ground in the rear tailights ? Checked all fuses with test light all are good, I wil clean and soak fuse box in vinegar today we’ll see what happens.
  3. I have a 72 521, both front and rear signals and hazards work, headlights work, High beams work, brakes work, rear running lights do not work ??? Any suggestions ?
  4. Ahhhhh, ok. Thanks ! Ima keep looking for the correct one then. Thanks
  5. Are datsun 510 4 door and 2 door window elevators compatible ?
  6. 76_620

    L20B in a 521

    Can the 521 gas tank be removed without removing the bed ???
  7. 76_620

    L20B in a 521

    Verry helpful defiantly feel confident in doing the job. Thank you Danielc and datzenmike. I wish I could post pictures but I’m not too good with the internet and how to post them
  8. 76_620

    L20B in a 521

    Verry nice, thank you. I do know the l20b I purchased was pulled from a 510, dose the 510 as well need the l16 oil pan on the l20 to fit ? If so this means the l20 I purchased already has l16 oil pan on it. I don’t l know how to distinguish l16 from l20 oil pan ?
  9. 76_620

    L20B in a 521

    I have a 72 521 currently has stock l16 with 4spd. I purchased an l20b with 5spd dogleg. My questions are what modifications will I need to get this to fit ? I’m assuming change the oil pan, modify transmission mount, and possibly need to shorten driveshaft ?? Anyone know what exactly needs to be done to make the motor and transmission fit the 521 ?
  10. I have all lights, running lights, both turn signals, every light works but the brake lights. I’ve checked plugs as well they seem to be fine.
  11. So I checked power to the brake switch, we have power there. So that tells me the problem is from there back ? But what to check next ?
  12. Just noticed I posted in the how to, don't know How to change that. Still new to this ?
  13. 73 Datsun 510, (Mexican 510) so the these tail lights are stock to the car. brake lights not working. I have running lights, turn signals, headlights, dash lights, ALL LIGHTS, but the brake lights. I have checked and replaced every single fuse, cleaned fuse box, checked for lose/corroded wires up in the engine bay by the fuse box. Replaced brake switch, checked bulbss at the rear. I believe now there’s only one thing ? Possibly a ground ??? Not sure where the ground would be located for brake lights ? Don’t know what else to check. Would appreciate some Guidance thanks.
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