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  1. Dear god...I just read through the whole 210 thread...never realized that many people liked these cars. I just purchased a '72 510, and I'm picking it up in a week or two, so I'll be busy with that. I runs and drives but I've collected parts for it. Build thread coming soon. I would love to pick up a 210 hatch though! I've seen one or two for sale here in florida, both of which where in mint condition and 4 doors. Sellers wanted $5,000+ for them. I would feel bad messing with one of those even if I got it for a steal. I'd rather buy one that is semi rust free, and just turn it into a little fun street rat, maybe throw a L20b w/ a 5 speed in it and give it MOAR LOAR :thumbup: I'm starting to love these little cars and if I can convince the wife that two Datsuns is better than one, my dime may have a little brother. P.S. Flatcat, thats a nice one! Read your thread over on NWD. That interior is awesome! For a base model cheap car like these where supposed to be, they have pretty kick-ass interiors, dontcha think?
  2. There's got to be some love out there for those little under-powered turd boxes known as the Datsun 210 (early 80's one). I thought they where shit until I saw THIS! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkFHIOeK0jU&index=2&list=FLhRvWTBOiCMCyvYJQrQ9nEQ Apparently, racing these 210, or the Nissan Sunny as they're known in Japanland, are incredibly popular among vintage racers, and with enough building actually make great race cars...some of these guy are keeping up with built up Z's! Now I'm obsessed with getting myself a hatchback 210! Ugh why do Datsuns have to be the neatest cars ever. Owell, one more car to add to the dream list...I'm sure the wife won't mind. And warning...this video is pure engine sound porn...your ears may convulse.

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