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  1. Hello Can advice me a C lower ball joint PRESS KIT to Nissan Pulsar N14 diameter 39,2 mm ball joint Im afraid to buy one and its bigger for the job 2-3/4" x 3" 2-1/4" x 2-1/2" / 1-3/4" x 2" confused measures Thanks Luis
  2. Hello Today i mailed Nissan in Portugal, in order to buy new Ball Joint and tie end rods dust covers boots, to my Nissan N14, and i was suprised that dont sell this parts sells the all lower arm suspension and the tie end rod. If you know let me know where i can find, the dust covers with good quality and if is possible assembly them Many thanks on advance Luis
  3. Thanks Please see this best picture,the first arrow shows a litle dent (i dont know if comes with it or was a material porosity) The second arrow shows a shadow But the cam has no wear... Please give your opinion
  4. hI! i taken measures on camshaft with more precision, and the cams are ok, but some have some shadows and one have a litle material dent. Please give me your opinion? Its a big deal? or take the risk and assembly it with this material dent on cam? The lifter will make some pressure in all cam and will toutch the dent too, im afraid the lifter will increase the cam dent? Thanks Luis
  5. Hi! The problem which cause wear on rocker arm was the valve springs "This item is worthy of middle class specifications enough.(To about 8,000 rpm spec) They are Valve Springs popular very much in JDM. The double valve springs control Valve Surging at the time of high rpms. It supports; cam lift - 6.5mm, valve lift - 9.4mm" And the cam lift is 0.298" or 7,57mm that is i saw on paper.. Cam lift 7.57mm is bigger than the spring can suport???? My camshaft has wear too. i need regring again another one................... i bought on ebay a new A15 h50 to send to iskenderian This time I must buy a elecrical fuel pump, because its a late camshaft and my a12 block it is a early one, i saw a nismo 17010-A7600 17010-A7601 and this model is for Carburetor vehicles requiring a low pressure pump and to replace factory electric or mechanical pumps 1.3L/min @ 29kPa/4.2psi Mikuni recommended fuel pressure is 2.84 - 4.98 psi I think this fuel pump is perfect and i dont need a regulator, please let me know and i will order the springs from Iskenderian to avoid any doubts. Im counting with your advices Luis
  6. Thanks for your replies. The springs have some oil, but i think insuficient I have no oportunity to make the test on oil flow because i took of the engine of, when i have the oportunity i will assembly a starter and test the oil passage. Now im geting ideias and knowldeges from you with experience and trouble solutions. The valve stem its ok no damgages, i notice the valve springs are stacking solid at full lift, the engine is very stuck it is dificult to move it with a wrench on cranckshaft pulley, but when i removed the rocker arns, the engine moves slowly with no prison. Thanks Again Luis Posted on: Yesterday 9:14
  7. I need your help, i have some many questions... I make a new engine with a ISKENDERIAN regrind A12 cam, twin carbs, double springs, an A14 cylinder head on A12 eNGINE and it works well in a couple of minutes, after that it looses power, and the valves gains clearnces, after a while i had adjust them and new clearance, in a couple of minute a total clearance 0.70mm. I dismantle the engine and i found the original rocker arms valve opener has wear, loose material, the regrind cam have only shadows i think its ok, but im afraid it gains wear. Please let me know install normal a14 Valve Springs? Buy a reforced rocker arms ? Double springs can make this? Lack of oil on cylinder head? A12 actual cam performance is: WITH THE ISKENDERIAN GRIND My A12 actual cam performance is: WITH THE ISKENDERIAN GRIND total intake timing 248º 266º open before tdc 14º 24º close after bdc 54º 62 total exhaust timing 248º 266º open before bdc 56º 62º close after tdc 12º 24º Please let me know the performance of A15 m10 camshaft, i saw a new one if is like my reground one i will buy it.
  8. Hi! Can i set up A15 camshaft H50 on my A12 engine block instead a12 camshaft?
  9. I have on doubt: All A12 A14 Cylinder head has the the same port thread m16 * 1.5? to the temperature sender I must find a coollar nut with: 1/8 27 npt Female to m16 * 1,5 male Any sugestion Thanks Luis
  10. Just arrived new gauges... I wiil need a new nut modification for water temperature sender
  11. Thanks I try to find OEM temp/fuel gauge from a Datsun 1200 coupe and i think my senders works welll and the the solution is cheaper. I cant ad on classifieds Sppedometer its easy gps one
  12. Hi! I dont stop, its really fascinating, restoring and upgrading engine, brakes and now dash. I will coat the dash with wood, but i will need new things: gps speedometer (its easy) tachometer (easy) but fuel gauge and sender, temp gauge and sender (thread on head i dont know if exists) are my problem. Or find an used gauge temp/fuel/ Datsun 1200 coupe in good shape Please let me know a solution Thanks to all membbers of community Luis
  13. Thanks All This is a Friends Forum
  14. i Want link the hard line to the GS brake master wilwood and it is inscript 3/8-24, there must EXISTS a adapter from 3/8 24 to m10*1? Please confirm me if is M10*1?
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