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  1. HERXii

    Flares and lip

    Those are nice. Where are they from?
  2. Pics with the new bumpers?
  3. Aw man. Awesome bumpers, I've been having a hard time getting a set. No one seems to want to ship.
  4. HERXii

    B210 with 510 Suspension bits

    I'll try and give them a call tomorrow. wouldn't try those?
  5. HERXii

    B210 with 510 Suspension bits

    Oh, lol, didnt see the 310. My brother told me otherwise. Guess you learn something new everyday. These are the caster plates I saw: http://m.ebay.com/itm/141113806655?nav=SEARCH
  6. HERXii

    B210 with 510 Suspension bits

    Ive seen those universal plates, thought about using the caster/camber, but I caster doesn't do much for a street daily and I don't want to adjust it every week. T3 has a section called 210 in their website, but idk if that's b210 or just 210.
  7. HERXii

    B210 with 510 Suspension bits

    Thank you datsunfreak, didn't think I'd get much of a reply, but this helped. Aren't early and late b210 suspension different? I was referring to aftermarket crossmembers that are already made to fit the KA So what camber plates to get for a B210?
  8. HERXii

    B210 with 510 Suspension bits

    KA can be easily BARed, I talked to the ref at my school and its simple enough. Different places sell 510 crossmembers that are modified for the KA, and since the 510 crossmember fits the B210, I figured it would be a easy fit. Just trying to keep my options open.
  9. HERXii

    B210 with 510 Suspension bits

    I have a 78 B210 waiting on a KA swap, to save myself the trouble of hassling with the motor mounts for too long, i was looking to buy a 510 crossmember, and since i didnt want a larger trackwidth, the 510 LCA are preffered as well. So theoretically, aftermarket parts for a 510 should fit my B210 right? Such as these LCA or this Crossmember. and if thats possible why not this swaybar? PS. Do 510s, s13s, 1200s and Early and late b210s have the same strut bolt diameter to run camberplates? And whats different between early b210s, late b210s and 210s? Sorry for such a long thread, rather have most my questions answered in one long thread than multiple little posts.
  10. HERXii

    First Car! 78 Datsun B210

    Wheel Cylinders tend to go bad if the car sat. Check them out while your doing your brakes :thumbup:
  11. HERXii

    B210 Rolling Resto

    Wow! Fantastic interior :thumbup: sure wish mine looked like that. Great work so far.
  12. HERXii

    How's she looking?

    Super clean! :thumbup:
  13. HERXii

    120Y bumpers

    Still havent been able to find any bumpers for my datsun :blush: Settled for a 1200 front bumper

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