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  1. i have had it tested and it isnt doing its job but when i took it off and tested it it is worked. the belt it tight and the alternator is hooked up so i dont see why there wouldnt be power to it.
  2. i have also replaced the batteries twice
  3. okay guys so ive gone through about 4 alternators. put a new voltage regulator in there, realized that my alternator was internally regulated so rewired to bypass the voltage regulator. still doesnt work. the charge light is always on. If i charge the battery over night it will run for a day or two if i dont have the stereo on or dont use anything electrical for the most part. If i have my lights on my battery will die within 15 minutes and my car will die as well and it will be so dead i wont even be able to jump it. I have to take it out and put it on a charger for a few hours then the car will start up again. i have replaced the battery twice aswell. any of you guys have any idea what could be causing this problem whether its a short or whatever else it could be any suggestions would help thanks
  4. http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/cto/4405897592.html
  5. All I can say is my motor was running fine until I took it there to get the carbs tuned because I'm new to Datsun. A week later had to pull the whole Damn thing and put a new one in. That is my motor not just the carbs
  6. So my motor was in fact blown up. And this is the thread to see the progress for the new L20. Let me know what you all think! Also big help to Eagle_Adam... The mastermind behind it all.. mmmmmmmmm Six and a half hours later...
  7. SteezySkreez

    L16 Rebuild

    Does anyone on here know anyone that can rebuild a L16 motor in the portland metro area? that would be awesome. Mine is blown up unfortunately
  8. What disc brake conversion would you guys recommend? Thats the first thing on my list to do next week and want to make sure to get the right ones!
  9. This would be my Jem, Girlfriend and i talked. I may be giving you a call when i have some questions
  10. thanks man, and yeah i go to school at PCC. Thats funny. One girl came up to me and gave me a stick and some stuff. Was there a picture of it on the sightings page or what?
  11. I took it to a Datsun shop and the guy said it was older from a 73 or older and it was an L16. And brakes i'm not sure i've found a couple conversion kits online but i don't know which one is better than the others. And the idea was to put an SR20DET on it but i want the most power i can get out of it. So i think i'm going to have to do some more research. What makes you want to swap it with the KA?
  12. What motor did you put in yours that blew up?
  13. I have no idea, the motor is older than the actual car, i think it is an L16. But i honestly have no idea. The wheel came with it when i bought it. I have little to no knowledge of these cars i know they look cool and are fun to drive. But each day im learning more. Also im going to buy a disk brake conversion kit. Is there any that you would specifically recomend?
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