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    ka24de info

    I got the engine torn down and it looks pretty good, so far everything is in spec except the valve guides. I've ordered just about everything I need for the rebuild but not sure about the fuel injectors, stay with the red 270cc or bump it up a bit. Does anyone know how this little chain oiler is removed, screwed in, pressed in ? It is fairly thin and I'm afraid it will get damaged before I can get it to the machine shop.
  2. The little gas struts, yes they work well, I'm still looking for a strut that pushes up with a bit more force but these are okay. I only did it to gain more room for a cold air intake and filter.
  3. Hey Noll, didn't know you were over here, love the wheels, keep it up.
  4. grannyknot

    ka24de info

    I don't see any part # but the ECU number is A11-B54 G11 0823 and from the Jim Wolf page that puts it in 1991 The valve cover is definitely 3 bolts. The engine rebuild parts for the S13 are a good 20-30% higher than the s14, is there a real difference between the gaskets, seals, timing set and such? I would like to bump up the power a bit with out spending too much, so far I've found the the thread on swapping the the intake cam for a second exhaust cam, that looks promising. There seems to be a lot of cast flashing in the intake and exhaust runners that can be smoothed out, el
  5. grannyknot

    ka24de info

    What a great thread! I have picked up a ka24de, 5spd trans, wiring harness and ECU to swap into a 73 510. Are there any visual differences between the s13 ka and the s14 ka? I have placed the ECU to somewhere around 1990-91 so s13 240sx but seller said engine was from an s14 240sx so trying to figure out which one I have before ordering rebuild parts. The block is a bit rusty but I can't see any serial numbers on it, it is a Japan casting, not Mexico. The engine is pretty grimy but the insides are in good shape, clean cams, good compression. Thanks, Chris
  6. The seller finally got the windshield out of storage for me, he said he bought it 6 yrs ago and it was the last one in Canada, could be BS I don't know.
  7. Haha, brand new rod bearings, shouldn't have to think about them for 80,000mi.
  8. Me too, that's what made buy this one, I'm a sucker for these kinds of projects but I always finish them. It will probably be next Fall before I can bring the car into the shop so lots of time to go through all the boxes and figure out the best direction to take it. I came across this article, http://www.datsuns.com/Tech/510/rack-n-pinion/510_rack_conversion.htm and from years of messing around with Z's I have everything to do this steering rack conversion, sounds intriguing. But this is the only mention I have found of Z to 510 steering so I'm assuming this isn't a popular swa
  9. It hasn't been on the road since the early 80's and has been a project car all that time, each owner doing a little more but then selling it because it was too big of a project, lost interest ... A long the way the original engine/trans disappeared as did just about every Nissan bolt, nut and washer. The body work and paint was finished just this past summer and it came with boxes of stuff, all the SS and chrome trim, most of the interior, all the glass including a new windshield, the gas tank is mint. Sounds like I can just assemble it but I was looking at the panels, roof and hood
  10. I'll bet it was, L20b was also one the engines I thought about and haven't ruled it out yet, I love the induction sound of DCOE's. So many choices!
  11. You guys might be right, maybe I shouldn't be so stuck in my ways, isn't a turbo much more complicated when it comes to tuning than a plain fuel injected? The project I have to finish first before I can get to the 510 is dropping a freshly rebuilt bmw S54 into my 72/240z, that should be enough power for me for a while.
  12. I have some buddies with turbos and I swear one of their cars are always down due to the turbo needing .... something, it just seems that the weak link in the turbo chain is always braking and so they upgrade that part for a better one then the next weakest part blows. For me reliability is everything, more power is great as long as it doesn't strand me in the middle of no where.
  13. I've wanted one since I was a kid and that was a long time ago, it is an unfinished project that hasn't been on the road since the early 80's. It came with a SR20DET, 5 spd trans, ECU, and wiring harness but I'm not really a turbo kind of guy so was thinking trading it all for a KA24DE. Can anyone tell me if the 5 spd transmission that came with the SR will fit a KA ? I see if I can post some pics later, I can't get into my flickr account at the moment.
  14. I have an old one in the metal scrap pile, I'll have a look at it tomorrow but I can't think what that would be stopping it. If you can push the cylinder down toward the front, try giving it a shake while compressed to see if anything is rattlling. You could also try popping it out with compressed air shot into the hole at the bottom of the front reservoir.
  15. Could be just the lip of the seal catching on some crud that built up in between the pistons, almost certainly you are the first one to open the MC since it was new, so 49 yrs. You got the plugs off, I'm impressed. I hauled on mine until I thought it would break then just gave up.
  16. Any progress? You probably want to remove those 29 mm plugs so you can get them re plated but there is a lot of surface area on those thread and the cast aluminum will be corroded around them, the aluminum might crack before letting go. Because of the age and wear on your MC you might find that the bore walls are too far gone to be able to get a good seal with the new rebuild kit. You could drill a hole in the front end of the MC and push the cylinder out then have the hole plug welded back up.
  17. Here is my Z I just finished, this is how it started, here is the engine I used,
  18. As much as I love Ratsun, when it comes to Zcar related topics there just isn't a lot of Z guy traffic here http://www.classiczcars.com/forum/4-z-cars/is the place to go for every Z car question. And after you find your answers you come back here. In no particular order, http://www.vintageconnections.com/ http://www.zhome.com/ http://datsunzgarage.com/ http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/electrical.htm http://www.carpartsmanual.com/datsun/Z-1969-1978 http://datsunspirit.com/ http://atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/calcs/engine%20builder/index.html http://www.zzxdatsun.com/catalog.php http:
  19. Nothing I love more then a quality tool. This a 38mm deep socket I had to make to get to the main bearing nut on a Datsun 5spd transmissi This is an old putty knife that was pushed too far and broke but a few min. on the belt sander and I now have the best gasket scrapper I've ever used, I will never pick up a hacksaw again since I got this, so fast This is a 3/4" 600ftlb torque wrench I had to get for the main pulley nut on a BMW engine, love using this thing.
  20. I been lurking for a while now but started reading this thread today, http://community.ratsun.net/topic/69-90-amp-bolt-in-alternator-on-an-l-series-motor/ Most of the guys in this thread seem to have Datsun P/U's but wondering if any of the Z members here have found that the 90's Saturn alternator worked for them, or is it just the wrong size? Thanks, Chris
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