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    ka24de info

    Thanks Mike, it seems only 13229-53F07 is still available, the rest of the shims are discontinued. So I guess my options are to grind/sand the bottom of those 13 shims down with say 400 grit paper on top of my granite flat or maybe take those valves back into the machine shop and have them skim the difference off the top of each valve, the amount needing to be removed is anywhere from .17mm - .04mm. I'll talk to the machinist first as that seems to be the easiest unless anyone has any other ideas, I'm open to any options.
  2. grannyknot

    ka24de info

    So I got the cylinder head back from the machine shop, they managed to save all the valves when re doing the seats and guides but now 13 of the 16 valve shims need replacing and from a quick look around the net they seem very hard to come by. Anyone know where I can buy a selection new or used shims for a KA24DE? I'm looking for, 1 2.00mm 3 2.04mm 1 2.06mm 2 2.08mm 2 2.10mm 4 2.12mm
  3. Yes I have a complete set in my 240z, I love them.
  4. Damn those girls were talented and so nice to look at, whatever happened to them?
  5. My mom went through the blitz as well, was buried once for 3 days before they got to her. The old man was a Sask. prairie boy who was studying in Chicago when the US entered the war so he signed up there and went over as a GI, met my mom and took advantage of those incentives to come to Canada after the war. They gave them an acre of land and shack in Fort St. James BC, Dad was off in the bush for a week at a time surveying new roads that were going in, Mom, a nice British girl who knew nothing of what she was getting into. Fort St. James is pretty rough now, you can imagine what it was like
  6. and that rationing continued for many years after the war as Britain was flat broke. My Mom was also British and a nurse during the war.
  7. Well I don't know about porn but I'm happy with the results, S54 in a 240z.
  8. Ditto, SEM Landau Black is perfect for the plastic and vinyl surfaces, tough stuff and flexible.
  9. Hospital worker… comes home from work, leaves shoes outside, carefully removes all clothing (no shaking, see below) to wash immediately and showers, minimal contact with anyone in case he has brought home this virus. - everyday. Consider practicing this clothing / shower routine when we return home, especially from high population stores like groceries. The following is forwarded from Irene Ken a physician whose daughter is an Asst. Prof of infectious diseases at John Hopkins University. Informative medical science
  10. Online toilet paper calculator🤣 https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/21/us/toilet-paper-calculator-coronavirus-trnd/index.html
  11. I read on the BBC last night that England is asking 65,000 retired nurses and doctors to come back to work🤨 Aren't they in the most vulnerable category? That's a big ask. "You're just sitting around the house anyway you might as well come back and die doing something useful."
  12. Right about now those 2900 Covid-19 cadavers are starting to wake up and lurch down the street in tattered clothing looking for some fresh brains to eat.
  13. Noll, have you noticed you are now twice the welder you were when you started this project?
  14. Just wait until it gets to any city in South America or even Mexico for that matter, it's going to be chaos. Not much in the way of organization.
  15. Cheering from the very back 😉 On second thought the answer is neither, I'm on the same cruise ship as everyone else, don't really have a say in the matter.
  16. Amen brother, only I would say it should be more like 50% and 2 child policy after that so we don't screw it up again.
  17. The regular flu that comes around every year has a mortality rate of .5 - 1.5% depending on which variety it is, Covid- 19 seems to have a mortality rate somewhere from 1% - 3%. Those are my numbers just from reading the news where they give you how many people are infected and how many have croaked. The thing that seems to set Covid-19 apart is just how bloody easy it is to catch, much more so than the regular flu. Going to have to give up breathing too.
  18. Various copper plumbing reducers.
  19. I've been doing exactly the same thing for decades now with no scratches, you just have to use #0000 steel wool, also I got lazy and now squirt a bunch of Rain-X into the washer bottle, works just as well.
  20. DPO's Dumb previous owners. Whether it's wires twisted together with masking tape, wood screws holding patch panels on with roof tar in between or quality original parts thrown away and replaced with plastic crap the DPO is the bain of the classic car restorer. The only reason I look for a car with 1 or 2 previous owners is so I have to deal with as few of the "repairs" as possible from DPO's
  21. I don't drive my baby through mud. It has been there for 4 yrs and no problems yet. You can also do something like this, just as long as the drain water is pouring down between the fender and the body.
  22. This is not the best pic but I funneled those 1.5" drainage holes down to 1/2" copper pipe and have it exit down the front of the foot well. No more rusty fenders for me.
  23. And if you are working by yourself, Speed Bleeders are a Godsend, http://speedbleeder.com/
  24. Your city is trying to protect other residents from being exposed to a view they may not like? Man, it's a good thing there aren't any real problems that need solving, I guess your city workers are so efficient that all they have left are the make work projects.
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