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  1. You are going to need a Jumbo roll of tin foil if you believe nonsense. The end of irrigation?
  2. I wonder what happened to all my pics, I'll have to see if I can get them back up. The sand blasting for everything in the pics was $150 cash from a place in Bolton.
  3. I got everything back from the sand blasters today , yay.
  4. Oh man I'm so glad I checked, if I had cut it up, reversed it and welded it back only to find it I had just buggered it up 😠 Thanks
  5. The best way I have found is re-install the hub, bolt it back on to the wheel so you can stand on the tire bring out the Oxy/Acetylene torch and heat the top and gland nut until they are smoking hot, let it cool off, spray it down with penetrant and it should come right off.
  6. I'm putting a KA24DE in my 510 so was setting up to cut the center out and reverse it but now I'm thinking the PO has already drilled out the inserts and welded them reversed. Thought I would check with you guys. Thanks,
  7. That's the only way to take them apart, after doing it a few times you can put your left hand on the top hat and slow it down as it pops off.
  8. I'm not talking about the owners and what they do to them, or what they represent today, I'm talking about the car as it was built, as it was released. No bells and whistles, simple basic transportation, clean lines and dependable. When I was 16 back in 76 you could pick them up for $400 and a lot of guys in my High School had them.
  9. An honest little car that does not pretend to be anything other than what it is, it's boxy but it's good.
  10. I got the front suspension dropped and started disassembly for sand blasting, these are the front springs, how the hell can anyone mash up a set of springs like this? Also tore down the steering box and waiting for new seals to arrive and hardware to come back from the platters.
  11. Leave it with just the stitch welds, a continuous bead is stiffer but can lead to stress cracks.
  12. Oh you buggar, I finished assembly of my KA24DE a month or so ago and now you've got me second guessing myself.
  13. Sometimes it will pool in the bottom of the booster and not leak out.
  14. grannyknot


    Besides the SS will corrode where it is touching the iron or aluminum anyway. Better yet, take all your bolts and hardware off and ship them to the platers and have them all come back like new.
  15. For me any excuse to buy another tool is a good thing but I also think about age of the Plasti Gauge, how long has it been on the shelf, how was it stored and how will that affect the accuracy of the reading? Probably not a big deal.
  16. Or, you could buy those expensive measuring tools once and use them for the rest of your life, you want to know what your clearance is, measure it.
  17. Nice fab work Noll, I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.
  18. Horse girls, the only reason to hang around the stables after school.
  19. That's a good idea, hadn't thought about that. With a bit of creative flange fabrication I might be able to get the cable to loop under the distributor before heading to the firewall. Thanks
  20. I'm going to pick up a tube of the Right Stuff, never tried it because it sounded like a "Can do Anything" product but I've heard a few people now singing its praise so there must be something there. Thanks.
  21. Basically yes but redoing a curved windshield is a little different than the flat one they do. Make sure your new seal is warm and pliable and don't waste your time with thick cord/rope, get some string trimmer line (weed wacker) it's very strong, very slippery and is much easier to pull the lip of the seal over the pinchweld than cord is and trimmer line will not tear the rubber the way cord does sometimes. A second pair of hands pushing the glass from the outside is good but it can be done by yourself if you have to.
  22. As Icehouse says, Honda Bond has been the go to sealant for decades with good reason, I also like Threebond 1184 and Permatex Motoseal is pretty good too.
  23. I just finished putting the KA24DE back together today so will wrap it up and tuck it in the corner until the 510 is ready next year.
  24. @demo243, what tires are you running in that last pic? When I get the 510 out on the road next year I want to have that stance.
  25. Isn't there a grocery store in Connecticut that you need something from?
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