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  1. I got the engine and trans in today, still have to modify the engine mount flanges. I read somewhere that I could use the 240sx engine isolaters so I ordered new ones with all the other stuff. Looking at them now I guess I could use them but they are going to look kinda clunky. I guess this swap has been done many times, if anyone sees something I'm doing ass backwards please feel free to set me straight. The second pic is with the weight of the engine/trans being supported by the car, I think once all the other weight is added the car might just sit right where I want it to but I
  2. She's not moving under her own steam yet but it's out of the storage tent and on deck for the rebuild.
  3. The only constant in this world is change, embrace it gentleman. If all of us old farts were 16 yrs old right now we would be fighting for that change.
  4. I'm perfectly aware of how Mike employed the reference, it was a feeble attempt at humor. Ever heard of it.
  5. A collective is a group of entities that share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest. Sort a like Ratsun😉
  6. Or you could try these and save $92, I have a set of these on their way, https://www.seatbeltsplus.com/product/310MB.html
  7. Horror story spindle pin removal is a right of passage for 240z ownership, maybe the car felt you had already paid your dues bringing her back and decided to take it easy on you for a change. I got your fasteners and hardware back from the platers today, I should have it in the mail by tomorrow.
  8. I've been busy over the summer prepping parts and getting things ready for an easy install next spring. I've tried to repair dash cracks on 240z's before but they never look right to me so I covered this one trying to make it look like it belongs... but we all know what it is hiding.
  9. The 240z's have the ignition switch and the wires are for the key buzzer.
  10. Shit man, I feel for you, a cautionary tale for all us. I'm not a professional body man but I have done lots of body work on many restorations, that C pillar is going to be one bitch of a job. Your not going to be able to bang that out with a hammer and dolly, that will need to be pulled. Getting the back window to fit properly so it looks good and doesn't leak will be the hardest part. Transferring everything over to another straight 510 is definitely worth considering. There certainly guys that can do that kind of work and if it was a 53/ Jag or Alfa it would be worth doing b
  11. Well, lots to think about. The rear spring is 11.625" tall, 9 coils not touching, 4.125" in dia., The wire is .567" thick. The wheels I want to use are 14"x6.5" ET? the tire sizes I think will do the job are 186/65r14 or 195/60r14 and I have found there are still a few companies carrying tires made in the sizes I think the design of the wheels are called turbines. Thanks
  12. Sure thing, just don't send it C.O.D.
  13. I was thinking the how the split would look in regards to Covid19, getting accurate numbers would be difficult and which ever way it fell it would be accompanied by several halfwit theories on who is to blame.
  14. I have ordered 2 split collar clamps for the stock 510 struts, does lowering the perches by 1.5" lower the front end by 1.5" or is it less? Until I can afford the coil over kit that I want I thought I would cut the rear springs so I could get the car on the road in the mean time, this is my guesstimate on where I think I should cut to lower the rear 1.5" Any advice?
  15. That would be interesting to see how it breaks down between the Dems and Reps.
  16. The part # is the dimensions, 24mm x 35mm x 7mm and 18mm x 31mm x 7mm
  17. @carterb, interesting that you put those last two 510's next to each other, the first mustard 510 looks like a gem with only a few issues at $10k whereas the second white 510 is a disaster at the low low price of $9k
  18. The lower seal on the pinion shaft of my steering box was shot so I tore it all down, measured and found the exact seals at https://www.avxseals.com/ Hope this helps someone out. Does anyone know what weight of gear oil I should use in the box?
  19. Thanks guys, sound advice. If I'm reading the ring gear stamped numbers correctly then this R160 is already 4.11 which is exactly what the 240sx engine/trans want. I'll keep my eyes peeled though.
  20. Just be sure to take lots of pics before and during the work so every thing goes back where it needs to. Although it is rewarding to clean up the appearance of the wiper motor the internals are very well sealed off and won't need much in the way of maintenance, what really needs the work is the linkage to the wiper arms and specifically the spindles. The last pic is of the spring clip that holds the spindles in place, a dental pick is a good tool to remove it then clean an polish the spindle, grease it and slide the spring clip back down the shaft, then throw away what is left of the
  21. Well the engine/trans in the 510 will be a KA24DE and 5 spd from an S13 240sx which I think had a final ratio of 4.08:1 If I install this R180 LSD with a 3.54:1 ratio 1st gear will be useless with lousy acceleration although good mileage on the highway. I think the stock R160 is diff is 3.90:1 so maybe I would be better off not buying this Subie R180. What do you guys think?
  22. I have a lead on a S62 R160 LSD diff. K on the top, 3.54:1 for $500 which sounds to me like a good deal but I have been reading that some of the later Subaru diffs don't fit into the square mounting hole on the rear cross member of a 510. Is that true and if so is there a cut off date I should be looking for or outside makings on the diff that will tell me? I'll take a tape measure with me for sure, this diff appears to have the bolt in side axles same as the original diff. This is the only pic the seller has,
  23. That's great to hear, thanks Gents.
  24. http://www.new-datsun-parts.com/datsun-510-parts-rubber.html Their prices are very good compared with datsupply and the products appear to be pretty good quality, just wondering if anyone has used them and what they thought. Thanks, Chris
  25. Yeah, but that's Quebec man, they are sort of like Florida to you guys, we acknowledge they're part of the country but no one takes them seriously.
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