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    72'dime,73'620,62'mini,56'truck,67'camaro,71'240z,04'bmw,soon to come 74' 610
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    cars! cars! and the ocassional gardening!
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    mechanic, for troy ermish@ 510 parts outlet
  1. datluvr

    1971 SR20(VE) ITB 510 Sedan (CA)

    sweet ride, any interest in a 71' 240z w/imsa flares, custom front spoiler, L28 W/TRIPLE MIKUNI'S and fully painted. 350z red with 350z black rally stripes. let me know jerrynappi3@yahoo.com thanx j3
  2. datluvr

    610 KA ~T U R B O~

    Son of biscuit, can't wait for jerry too get the 610 home! One lucky S.O.B....wait that lucky bitch is me!!! Can't wait 2 see what she looks like sitting in my garage! Really can't wait too eat up the bay area mustangs and subies! Sorry guys new sheriff In town!
  3. Hey quick, can u call me. Want 2 talk about the frames. Thanx, jerry3 (510) 750-6620

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