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  1. Bondobucket

    LZ22 Turbo Question

    hmmm some interesting info here.
  2. Bondobucket

    Think I have decided how to paint the ole datsun

    The Flying Tigers had three squadrons Adam and Eve,Hells Angles, and Panda bears. My grandfather was In The Adam and Eve squadron. IMO The paint scheme looks good if done properly on certain vehicles. I system to to it.
  3. Bondobucket

    I'm a new dad!

  4. Bondobucket

    West Coast Datsun Question?

    I have noticed that many of the members of this forum are from the Mid West , North West and West Coast ? There are some members from the East but not nearly as many. Why is that? Some thoughts that came to my mind. 1. East coast has more harsh winters = more rust and less vehicles. 2. West coast is closer to Japan and less vehicles were transfered across the country???
  5. Bondobucket

    Idle problem?

    Sounds pretty much straight forward. I will do that in a few days and write back with the results. Thanks for you help. Later Josh
  6. Bondobucket

    Idle problem?

    Ok today I checked the idle solenoid and it clicked. So I then started the truck and brought it to temp. I then checked to see if the butterfly is opened which it was. I checked to see if the anti dieseling solenoid was connected which it was. I then kicked down the carb and it began to loose RPMs. I then adjusted my idle screw. It took me a while and some driving till i got it where i like it. It still is a bit high in RPMs but i'm going to try to adjust/fine tune it tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your help it was greatly apperciated. Also Mike my carb only has one adjusting screw from what I saw. Maybe I was not looking in the right place but I only saw one. The screw was nearest the firewall on the left side of the carb that i adjusted.(Looking at the carb from the passenger side)
  7. Bondobucket

    Idle problem?

    Mike, Thank you for the response and the detailed pictures I will check it in the am. I have used a prior response from you about hazard light switch not allowing my blinkers to work. They work now after doing what you said so, thanks for the help with that. Later Josh
  8. Bondobucket

    Idle problem?

    Thanks for the response. Yes the carb is stock. I will check everything that you listed tomorrow morning. I'll respond with my findings. Are there any other things that I should look into? Thanks again -Josh
  9. Bondobucket

    Idle problem?

    First of all I would like introduce myself my name is Josh. I am new to this forum along with Datsun/Nissan trucks. I am an avid minitrucker and own a few minitrucks. I have used this forum for about a week or so doing a lot of reading and trying to become more familiar with the Nissan 720 /z24 engine. This forum has been very helpful with some minor issues that I have had with my 1983 Nissan 720. The problem that I have encountered now, I am having a hard time trying to search for a specific answer. My Nissan has been garaged for a number of years from the previous owner. It has 53,000 orig. miles. Nothing has been tampered with or messed with. The truck is entirely stock. By the way I consider myself a beginner/novice when it comes to engine problems and solutions. ------Here is my issue- My carburetor has been acting up recently. Upon start up the engine will rev until I press the gas pedal to kick down the carb. As soon as I do that the idle drops in rpms and stalls. I have driven it by feathering the gas while working the brake and clutch to raise the rpms. It drives perfect at highway speeds 55- 65mph. As soon as the truck is put in neutral the rpms slow to the point that the truck stalls. I restart the truck with no problem after the stall. It just does not seem to have a smooth idle. I have not touched the idle mixture screw because this problem has just came about and I figured that if I were to make an "adjustment" that I would be constantly trying to get the fuel mixture correct. Could the problem be the EGR, or the anti dieseling sensor, or the throttle valve switch, or any other part that could cause this with my stock Hitachi carb. I'm at a loss for solutions for this problem. My Haynes manual does not answer these questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Later Josh p.s. sorry for the long post

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