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  1. Looking for a Flat Pan four speed tranny.... Must work .. For my 72 620.. Also looking for a Hood molding trim?? Thanks John
  2. Where in Fontucky is it at?? I try to Make it?? And When??
  3. The One i got is not a flat pan.. But i dont know if 74 had the flat pan trans.. This is what the guy said it came out of??? And i didnt realize mine was a flat pan.. But for $15 if it dont work then screw it ill have to take sum pics of it and post it So you can get a better look see??
  4. Its Just not the flat pan?? Looks a little different..Same length Thats it!! but for a couple bucks screw it
  5. Got a tranny for my 72 620... I have a flat pan... But this one is Different its out of a 74 620 .... So will that tranny i got work?? Its the same length And they are both four Speeds.. But Dont want to go through all the trouble and it NOT!! i can show sum pics when i get to it!! But For nearly nothing WHY NOT ??
  6. How about the Hood Mldg Trim?? And a Headlight knob (non lighted) ... Return Spring Underneath on the whatchamacallit???
  7. Looking for a trans for my 72 pickup.. I think i am looking for the stubby nose one.. The one That bolts right up to it from a later model 620 or 720?? But iam sure one of you guys that have been doin these longer will comment for me.. Thanks..Oh yeah have CASH$$.. Prefer Someone local..
  8. Thanks.. Still New to the Datsuns..So apoligize for the ??
  9. Thank You .. Somebody with Smarts.. Not a SMART ASS!! Apprciate It..
  10. Just Read It Dumbshits... IF ya dont have dont reply..
  11. What is that piece called on the Front of the hood on the 72 620?? ..It bolts on! kinda completes the grille?? Ok Well i Need One.. i got cash... ANYONE? And i need a grille emblem and a headlight knob..
  12. Just Checking to See if any of the Local Southern California Guys Go to the Pomona Swap mEet At the Pomona Fairplex?? And if you have Is there anything out there for Datsuns?? Or is it MOstly CHevys and VWS?? Just Checking To see if its worth Goin this weekend?? NEED SUM STUFF FOR MY 620?? Maybe just better to get it off here?? Thanks ...JP
  13. How about the Grille emblem?? And A tranny??
  14. Anyone bringing transmissions... I need one GOT CASHH?
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