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  1. HI!
    I am on 86 NISSAN 720 KC ST 4 X 4 in Japan.
    I saw your forum a while ago.
    I will swap 240sx KA24DE to 720.
    Can you sell motormount?

    I will do SAS at the same time.
    It is a 3 link KING 2.0 coil over suspension with Jeep SJ DANA 44 axle.
    So the height of the oil pan is not very important.

    I can receive parts in California.
    Can I ship to Japan if I can not ship to California due to exhaust gas problem?
    Paypal can be used for payment.


    I am looking for KA24DE HEADERS. Something that fits in 720 with less remake.
    It seems that many 620 are equipped with 240 sx OBX 4-2-1 HEADERS.
    Which HEADERS do you like? Please tell me your opinion.

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    2. yoshiki sakuta

      yoshiki sakuta

      I received the item.
      I am still rebuilding the KA24DE engine.
      And add a super charger.
      I will do a motor swap when that is over.

      Thank you.

    3. ]2eDeYe


      I did, I sent you a private message with details when I shipped them. 


      USPS Tracking # 9405503699300340611118



    4. ]2eDeYe


      I am not sure why your messages are not coming through as you are posting. I only just saw that you posted on the 13th. 


      Can you try posting a thread on the forum? 


      Just make a test thread in this subforum. I can delete it after sorting out your account posting ability. 




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