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  1. 2 whole pictures? Good to meet you in real life :D

  2. It's going up on a friday night ;)

  3. fuel pump, wiring and exhaust

    1. moparvwfreak


      sounds like its coming along.....

  4. I'm using the stock 78/79 620 ball joints. The Hardbody ones have a different mounting pattern and wont work in the 620 control arms.


    Yep, hardbody rotors and calipers. You'll nee to get some of the brake bracketry from pull a part. The 2WD v6 trucks had 4 piston calipers spo they are the ones to look out for, but the single piston calipers are still better than the drums.

  5. I'm using the stock arms on my 78 with the drop spindles.

  6. Not sure why you reported this...but I have hardbody drop spindles for my 78 :)

  7. They are about $15-25 at PAP :)

  8. They always have Saturns, I'll see how much they run these days.

  9. Lots of stickers left

  10. nope sure don't :lol:

  11. hahahaha...


    I'll I do is give them the rope :D

  12. HEI


    You should get a GM HEI module and wire it in. PM PacificCoastDatsun he can tell you the wiring. It's very simple to wire up and a more compact and efficient module. You can also get one at your local parts house for CHEAP (compared to the datto unit).

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