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  1. My name was on there just to keep track of post numbers. There are a few duplicates as well, but only the first post in the thread counted. Our new winner has not turned them down yet lol.
  2. Post 30, Roguefrag step right up and claim your prize..... or not, whatever... lmao
  3. Will run the numbers again this evening lmao
  4. frank88 post 45 is the new winner. Thanks or the laugh Duncan. :)
  5. I will run the numbers again this evening. 🙂
  6. Check the grounds out at the lights. Make sure they are clean with good connections.
  7. At least you know what the problem is now
  8. Yes. A cleaner solution is an early 240z water pump, added benefit of moving more volume as well.
  9. ...and the winner is Duncan, post #29. PM sent. Thanks to everyone else for posting up. :)
  10. So I said the 16th, but hadn’t taken my vacation into account. Just got home, I will run the post numbers thru the random generator first thing in the morning:)
  11. They are available, currently on vacation though. I can PM you as soon as I am home
  12. ]2eDeYe

    Rod end taper ?

    I really want to see pics now :)
  13. ]2eDeYe

    Rod end taper ?

    After some digging, I couldn't find the information and I knew the answer. I decided to measure and take a pic for future reference. The Datsun 620 tie rod taper is 7 degrees. Didn't have a protractor, so the able of the dangle on the speed square makes it look like 6. :)
  14. Got to play in the woods last weekend, felt great to be out in the woods. Truck did great other than needing a new battery cable (too small) and heating up a bit on the super long steep climbs. Needs some more cooling for those situations.
  15. Nice work on those control arms, beefy. 😄
  16. Not many KA swapped 610s out there. Not many 610s to begin with really. The dual cam KA is a front sump motor, so that will be the first thing you need to look into.
  17. Have you tried PMing him here? That usually works for me, but I haven't seen him posting in a bit.
  18. You will need a host to post pics, like flicker or postimage.
  19. Would need a pic of the ECU to see what you mean. Yes you can bypass the heater by connecting the hoes together, you could also cap them at the motor side.
  20. http://www.vintageconnections.com/Products/Connectors Should be able to find what you need there. :)
  21. ]2eDeYe

    620 - Lug Conversion

    Most guys say it's due to lack of wheel selection. Not saying that is the case here. The justification is usually all the wheels available in that pattern, never mind most are not the correct offset. I don't get it, there are some sick 6-lug wheels out there. You just have to look a bit harder. To answer the OPs question, if you want to do this correctly. Pull the hubs and axle shafts, take them to a machine shop and have them re-drilled for the pattern you want. Also make sure they machine to fit the bore of the wheels on the hubs and face the axle shafts to sit below the drum face on the rear. Or you can try your luck with these.... https://www.airbagit.com/Billet-Wheel-Adapters-Adaptors-Spacers-p/aa-6550-5450-652ol.htm
  22. Look at it as a build like this one. :)
  23. Don't know, he's a youtuber and has done a couple different widebody builds. He did an audi wagon and an MR2 previously. Watched a couple vids of the mr2 build. He's good with fiberglass, the body kit should be cool.
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