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  1. Is that factory black?
  2. I will have some sweatshirts available shortly. I got a run to take with me to Powerland. I will have pics after Memorial weekend.
  3. Yes they are. PM sent, sorry for the late reply.
  4. I need to find someone to machine tubes for me. After that, I can make more than the one...
  5. You are probably better off locating a Dana 30 or Dana 44 front axle. I've only seen one Low Mfg axle and it was in pics. Low Mfg typically used the Dana 20 transfer case, so that would be your best bet there. What are you working on?
  6. The hinged power control center is excellent. Nice work. Look forward to hearing if the magnets work on heavy bottoming out.
  7. Man, this thing is turning out killer. B)
  8. Looks like it needs a fresh buff lol
  9. Have you seen Dillons 510? There is paint gone in places and a buff still made it look fresh lol.
  10. If you can, get the truck flywheel with a 9 bolt pressure plate.
  11. With a buff this thing will look super fresh.
  12. I need to find me one of these and a 620 motor home 😄
  13. I am using the stock shifter that came with the 1983 720 transmission.
  14. So scouting for our Memorial trip went a little differently this year. We ended up camping out for a night in the new spot we picked out. I was able to get Red to the camp spot, lol. Camping should be a whole lot more fun as well with the new (to us) machines. :) Here's a few pics
  15. ]2eDeYe

    Help towing 77' 620 KC

    I wish I had the real estate for a trailer.
  16. I have stickers available and I am working on hoodies at the moment. :)
  17. Yep, my new alternator bracket will require a fixture to maintain it's indexes. I like the idea of keeping the factory components, but there are some quality, smaller package units available. Would take a bit of research to find the right one.
  18. I'm not sure if the steering stuff from the 720 swaps over. Interesting idea though.
  19. My final mcmaster parts should get here today. Will be ordering plates from the laser cutter as soon as I verify they will work.
  20. I live in WA, AC is not really necessary. :) Let me know what issues you run into and we can see what we can do.
  21. You just needed an excuse to fix that fender up anyways. :)
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