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  1. datsunhead

    Rear Axle alignment odd tire wear

    Its called graining. The compound is dead. Buy new tires.
  2. datsunhead

    Block crack repair?

    Put jb weld on the outside of the crack then pull a vacuume in the block. Nascar teams do this with the motor still in the car.
  3. datsunhead

    205/60/13 good year eagle on a stock 510?

    They wont hold air for a day. You will have to fill them every time you drive the car.
  4. datsunhead

    13 inch tires?

    Look into legends racecars. These guys run 205/60/13 federals and bfg tires. There take offs work great. I always keep a stack around for datsuns.
  5. Nope. The windsheild either.
  6. The lower coil over mounting bolt should have a big flat washer on it to keep the coil over captive if the spherical bearing comes out. Most sanctioning bodies require it. Good insurance for a nice car.
  7. datsunhead

    L-Series Valve Cover Breather Tube

    Its tapered pipe thread but also glued To make sure you break it trying to get it out. Lol You can get it out just be careful.
  8. datsunhead

    Looking for pics of LHD A series with dual side drafts

    Move the motor over to the right by one inch. This can be done by cutting up the motormounts. Then everything will clear including the air filter. This even helps the corner weights.
  9. datsunhead

    Build thread for motivation....

    I see a bunch of places where you have made it impossible to weld around the tubing completely. This is required for any sanctioning body. Whats your plan? I suggest you cut holes in the floor plates so that you can drop the cage several inches and weld the top junctions. Another benifit of this is when raising the cage back in place you can stress it in place instead on just touching the unibody... That makes a unibody super stiff.
  10. datsunhead

    Revival of the Chickenhawk...

    I have all the parts needed to do this including the cam.
  11. datsunhead

    What to do for a race car?

    For the corner weights to be accurate, the sway bars need to be disconnected.
  12. datsunhead

    Revival of the Chickenhawk...

    Funny shit there
  13. Hey bird, we do quite a few tube frame front ends. First off, if the frame rails are bent or tweaked, walk away. It will never be square. If you are going to do this, some of the areas that need thinking about are mounting the headlights, hood latches hood pins radatior mount. We also run a front splitter which helps aero but would also help your crashing problem.. Let me know if you need any help.
  14. datsunhead

    My friend Tim's '77 hatchback

    No comment

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