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  1. sr20ve510

    car cover Datsun 1200 sedan

    I just used the BRE 510 one, it worked perfect for my Sedan. Also worked good for my 510. haha...
  2. I'm SR20VE510 the infamous. But I'm also Worksna1200 and my Worksna1200 account is linked to my work. I'm no longer employed there. RIP. Is there anyway I can retrieve my Worksna1200 account and add it to my SR20VE510 account? Thanks bros.
  3. Only the rim barrels are for sale, not the centers. The sizes are as follows: (3) 14x6.0J +14 (1) 14x6.5J +20 You can get 1 cut to match, or get new outer barrels to make your set wider. These are super clean, no leaks, perfectly round, etc. $100.00 ea OBO + shipping Located in the bay area Will ship to the lower 48. Remkoart@Gmail.com (619).665.0591 Txt only please.
  4. Like the title says... Pair or complete SSR REVERSE MESH in or around these sizes 15" MUST BE 15 INCH x 7.5 or 7.0 PCD does NOT MATTER. Just email me what you have, no pm's please: remkoart@gmail.com Thanks!
  5. sr20ve510

    **SSR Long*Champs** SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!

    Don't think about it, just do it. Bump, clean wheels, come get some!
  6. sr20ve510

    14x7 +5 Enkei Apache IV Mesh 4x114

    They're alright. Not Apache cool. GLWYOPS=good luck with your old piece of shit? Ok, these acronyms are getting out of control! ROFLMAO. Ha.
  7. sr20ve510

    14x7 +5 Enkei Apache IV Mesh 4x114

    Thanks buddy. $475 anyone?
  8. sr20ve510

    14x7 +5 Enkei Apache IV Mesh 4x114

    I think you're thinking of Enkei 92's and those are lame. These are from 1984 and way more badass :)
  9. sr20ve510

    14x7 +5 Enkei Apache IV Mesh 4x114

    Wow...no interest in these? Nutz...bump.
  10. SOLD! (get my longchamps before they're gone too!)
  11. sr20ve510

    **SSR Long*Champs** SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!

    Back up for sale! B)
  12. sr20ve510

    **SSR Long*Champs** SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!

    Sale pending... :-)

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