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    Datsun 620 Pickup Page on Facebook

    Yes I have a Facebook account and yes some of the things they (and others) have done and said to me have not been pleasant. But they are people too. (Google: Chris J. Slater, Nanaimo) to see my posts in various places. But if you have access to a computer you can see my posts on whatever: they are ALL public, I have nothing to hide from anyone (including Rev. Canada, etc. :sneaky:). It is my policy NOT to reply or engage in profanity, if you must that's your problem, I WON'T Make it mine. ( :sick: when I hit my thumb!) I'm now 66 and my background in automotives began in 1963 when I started working for Groat Road Texaco in Edmonton, Alberta as a gas pump jockey hustling "add-on sales" like fan belts for $.15. I attended NAIT and graduated in 1968 with a Diploma of Technology in Heavy Equipment. My first vehicle was an Allstate Moped (49cc) I got from my brother when I was 14 coz he was too lazy (foolish?) to service and DECARBONIZE the exhaust port! My first car was a 1949 Morris Minor flathead, standard transmission convertible. I started out on British cars; Austins, Hillmans, Triumphs and finally a Jaguar 420G. My oldest daughter (40 this year) first car was a 510 as was my oldest son's was a 620 because in 1990 I bought "Jake", my 1973 620 Pl for my business: Fiveway Equipment and Rentals in Langford, B.C. I still have that vehicle and it is in my posts along with others: https://www.facebook.com/cjslater07/photos_albums.
  2. ChrisJSlater

    Datsun 620 Pickup Page on Facebook

    Here is a picture of my library! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=438544242918674&set=pb.415149838591448.-2207520000.1385548152.&type=3&theater
  3. I'm back this time on Facebook with a page: https://www.facebook.com/datsun620pickup Come and like, help me get some FB insights! For the record I've owned, operated and wrecked 510's (sedan, coupe and stnwagons but only have 2 620PL trucks now. I prefer a rusty frame to a rusty unibody, Lol. I have extensive running gear, electrical, manuals and other parts, I have a L20B engine I would like to get a 5 speed to fit. Maybe even Webber carbs to fit my '73 1600cc and '74 1850cc? Also will tenderly part out and recycle rust buckets for salvageable parts. In Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Canada 250 591-3845 cjslater07@gmail.com

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