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  1. I bought the pick up about 3 years ago from a man out in the country who said he drove it everyday. Needless to say, through fixing the truck up, I discovered issues that relate to the original owner not driving the truck for years. Either way, I replaced the radiator, starter, coil pack, fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel line, and put a rebuilt carb on there. The battery would turn over and the truck acted like it wanted to start, but no fuel was reaching the fuel pump (hence the reason for the replacement of the fuel line and fuel pump). However, after replacing the line and pump, I went to jump the truck and the battery and surrounding wires started to emit a small amount of smoke. I immediately disconnected everything, replaced the battery, and went back at it. Unfortunately, now, there is no electricity running through any part of the truck. It does not turn over nor do any lights or interior electricity work. I have put my heart and soul into this thing and do not want to let it go, but have come to a dead end and not sure what else to do. Ideas?
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