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  1. Mods: I realize that this is a thread about shift knobs on stick shift transmissions, and that I'm posting about a gear selector on an automatic. If this belongs in a different place, please move it or delete it. I'm sorry. My car has an automatic from a 910 wagon (WHLD910AEUCS), and I replaced the T-shaped gear selector on it with a "button on top" gear selector styled after a sword handle. Here are some images from fabricating it. There are many others on pg 20 of this build thread
  2. Here are photos of a vintage British Datsun ad brochure that I bought because it has a nice big picture of the 1933 Datsun Type 12 on the cover. I thought you folks might enjoy seeing it, though, since it has product info on the 240C, the #240z, the 100 A cherry🍒 in two door, four door, and estate (wagon) versions, the 1200 in saloon (sedan), coupe, and a state versions, the 1600 saloon, and the 1800 saloon.

    My little rat rod is pattered after the Type 11 and Type 12 "Datson" cars of the 1930s.  It uses the transmission, axle and L24e from a maxima wagon (WHLD910AEUCS).  The maxima intake has been replaced with a dual carb intake from a 240z






    Build thread at Grassroots Motorsports (30+ pages)

    pictures on instagram

    youtube playlist

  4. Thanks, guys, I appreciate the responses.
  5. Hi Guys, I've had an account here for a while, but mostly lurk. I'm already aware that I don't have a clue about this stuff. With that background in mind, please be gentle as you inform me: A couple years ago (wow, I'm ashamed that progress has been so slow) I pulled the L24e engine out of a maxima to put into a little locost-based build The goal is to fabricate a little street rod that's loosely based, styling-wise, on the 1932/1933 Type 12 phaeton that Nissan has in their Heritage Collection in Zama. Since it came out of a maxima, I'm guessing that this engine has an MN47 head. (No, I don't know where to look to confirm this. I think the wagon I pulled it from is a 1982, but it could be a 1981.) I'd like to remove the 'e' in L24e; i.e. to get rid of the 'e'lectronic bits and fit it with carbs so the engine looks more like it was out of a 240Z. I think this is possible, since some people have built with L28 blocks, MN47 heads and carbs, but did they have to get the head drilled and tapped to make that happen? The reason I'm asking is that yesterday I looked at the intake I have, and it has holes for six bolts to hold it to the head. I only saw four bolts holding the current injected intake onto the maxima engine. Do you think that the head on that engine is an MN47? Are they already set up to take carb'ed intakes, or would it need to be modified? Thanks. JoeyM
  6. Thanks. That makes a lot more sense. I was looking at parts prices online to get an idea what the conversion would cost, and saw "long block" and "short block"....I thought there must have been two different castings....good to know that's not the case.
  7. I just became aware that the L24 was available in both long block and short block form. Based on what you've said, an L24 intake and carbs should fit on my L24(E), and it should not matter if they come off a long block or short block. Am I reading that correctly?
  8. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the help.
  9. Hi Guys, I'm building a datsun replica that you guys have discussed in the past discussed in the past. The plan is to power it with an L24(e) that I pulled out of a 1982 maxima station wagon. I'm considering converting that engine to carburetors so I can avoid the first generation fuel injection/ECU etc. The reason I'm writing is to ask you guys for advice on this conversion. I know people with parts from a few different years of 240Z (71, 73, 74, and 75) who are willing to sell me stuff, but don't know which years I should consider. I'm wondering about the following: Are all the L24 parts from all the years compatible/interchangable If not, which of those years will work best on a 1982 L24(e) from a maxima What else will I need to do this, other than an intake manifold and matching carbs What vendor(s) do you guys recommend dealing with for carb rebuild kits (black dragon??) What should I look out for or avoid in this conversion? I'm open to advice here. Let me know the best way to pull this off. Thanks, JoeyM
  10. Hi Guys, I'd never heard of this forum before, but saw in the youtube stats for my video that you guys had found my project. I decided that I'd register here say hi. Thanks, I'll be happy when it is done. It's a big project...bigger than I thought it would be when I started. Blame car and driver......their 2006 locost article is what got me started. (Well, that and the rusty 1982 maxima that I had in the back yard.) The article lead me to the forums at locostusa.com, where I found links to the McSorely plans for the locost-style lotus seven clones. I looked them over, then decided to use the same type of construction techniques, but to change the design and build a replica of the early datsuns instead of a replica of a lotus. Go for it. It would be nice to have another one on the road when mine is done. I'm not shooting for a ratrod look, but may drive it in primer for a year after the body is done just so that I can modify/tweak things before painting. The sides of the engine bay will be open, but it will probably have a hood and fenders. If you want to follow the project, I post updates fairly often at http://pennyanteracing.com Now that I know you guys exist, I may check in here occasionally, too.:)
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