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  1. Thanks for the quick responses and sorry for my late reply. Take a crisis and add a holiday and you lose two weeks time really fast. I also need to apologize for my first post here having a couple of errors. Not only am I trying to revive my FS5W60L, but I am also helping a friend rebuild his FS5W60A that seized the input shaft bearing. So too many part numbers floating around my in my head. The part numbers given to me by the parts man were the same as datzen mike posted with the exception of the letter in the second set which was H for the 60L and N for the 63A. But when he printed the numbers out for me it just listed the one number with the H. This bring s us to my second error which is that while I was sure I needed the 1st/rev synchronizer hub it turns out that I need the 2nd/3rd synchronizer hub. so the same question applies, are these hubs shared between the 60L and the 63A transmissions. Mike, sorry for wasting your time with the wrong info. Eric if you think you have the 2nd/3rd Synchronizer hub I will PM you to set something up. To follow up on having the main shaft machined. The one shop I talked to said that since the shaft was most likely hardened is could cost up to $500 to have the work done. So I will just keep looking. Thanks Rich
  2. I am currently trying to revive a '79 FS5W60L and will be needing one, possibly two internal parts for it. I will post a wanted post to the classifieds but wanted to ask here about possible parts interchange with the FS5W63A. The part in question is the first and reverse synchronizer hub. Mine has a chip out of it along the edge of one of the shift insert slots. Since the two transmissions are based on the same design and the hubs look similar I was thinking Nisan may have used the same part in both transmissions. Talking with the dealer parts man both hubs have similar parts numbers with only the last part being different. The 60L’s part number ends in -H7300 while the 63A’s part number ends in -N9300. Anyone have any experience or knowledge with this kind of thing. The other part I may need is the main shaft but that I know is different between the two transmissions. It has a messed up snap ring groove on the forward end. I'm going to talk to a machinist to see if it can be cut deeper and a new snap ring sourced. So I may be on the lookout for that also. Thanks for any info. Rich
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