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  1. green180

    Post Your 521.

    My truck carrying a couple smudge pots
  2. I have a set if you need some, pm if so thanks
  3. Your trucks looking good, I'm starting to like the black tires with no stripe
  4. Thanks haha ill load up the bed
  5. Yea I removed the slip yoke from the transmission and the 520 drive line went right in
  6. Yea stock l16 with stock 4 speed
  7. It's been a while since I posted here, I've been driving my truck everyday and couldn't be happier, I recently installed a 520 one piece drive line, and a 3.7 rear end, here's a pic I took today at work
  8. I pulled the gears out of an 83 720 5 speed and ended up with 37:10 gears, hopefully my little l16 won't be too slow with 3.7 gears, were 3.7 gears supposed to be in 5 speeds, and would the speedo gear just swap over
  9. Was there any datsun pickups there
  10. I went to the westside auto dismantlers I'm visalia, ca, and found this 510 wagon
  11. green180

    Post Your 521.

    Took mine on a quick spin yesterday
  12. I think you should RUN the hell out of there before you knock her up
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