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  1. rfenwick

    280ZX Brake Master Cylinder Source

    Thanks datenmike, makes sense. Despite all my reading on the swap, I hadn't run across this useful bit of information. I ended up finding a complete assy at the local old school parts store for $140 and will be doing the swap next week.
  2. rfenwick

    280ZX Brake Master Cylinder Source

    Thanks for the suggestions but the fine print at Rockauto says Return and Rebuild of my part only. Nissan part is obviously a solution albeit at $247.81
  3. rfenwick

    280ZX Brake Master Cylinder Source

    I just acquired a '77 620 King Cab and am tackling a front disc brake swap. I'm looking for what seems to be the preferred master cylinder from a '79-'81 280ZX. Online and local stores seem to either have rebuilt without reservoirs or new very expensive $200+ parts. Any recommendations?

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