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  1. Broadie

    Datsun F10

    This is my second datsun and someone told me there's only a handful of these still on the road. Any truth to this? I just kinda bought it because it was a steal at 2800
  2. Broadie

    Datsun F10

    http://s876.photobucket.com/user/Bron_Baker/library/Mobile%20Uploads?sort=3&page=1 I hope I did this right. Tell me what y'all think! Car has only 84k miles and one owner!!
  3. Broadie

    Datsun F10

    MikeRL411 what has been discussed to many times??
  4. Broadie

    Datsun F10

    Anyone own a datsun F10? And how do I post pics of mine??
  5. Broadie

    Datsun F10

    Datsun F10 wagon

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