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  1. Rosso mine are the fuax BBS look a like style; gold mesh center with bare alloy rim. I was was having clearance issue when I first fitted the H190 as its 3" wider than the standard 1200 H145. I tried the TRX style FWD when which resulted in the tires clearing the fenders but then the fins fouled the wheel. One could trim the fins, the 510 drums are so much bigger than the little 1200 brake drums that heat isn't a problem.
  2. I'm using a H190 out of a 510 wagon with Z alloy drums on my 1200 race coupe. When I got the set up someone had mixed up the shoes, it took me a little bit to figure out the leading shoe is the rear most one. Additionally the drums didn't quite clear the backing plates, the self clearances in about half a lap. In case anyone reads this thread while searching an issue, note FWD offset 13" wheels won't quite clear the cooling fins on the drums. The offset is to much by about 15mm. My Shelby wheels and Chevoit style have no issues. The Poterfield R4-S shoes are $79 and you can order them direct.
  3. Tom1200

    A14 Nissan 1.4

    I should have mentioned this earlier, if you have the cam timing out by even one tooth the motor will barely run............ask me how I know. So let's back up a bit: First define hot, what kind of temps are talking about? Second how long before it gets hot? Third once it cools of it restarts just fine? Finally, per chance have you checked the coil as well as the valve clearances? A-series have to get smoking hot before they die and once the do they've usually melted the head gasket or the head itself. The A15 in my race car hit 275 F before it died. I probably did 10 laps (30+ miles) at over 225 F, plus at least one lap at 240-250F
  4. Tom1200

    A14 Nissan 1.4

    There has to be some sort of dowel pin, if the bolt and washer are still on the cam the dowel may be hard to spot. You have to look carefully in the crevice between the washer and sprocket surface............look careful it's there. If you actually the cam bolt and sprocket off and there is no dowel all I can say is I've never seen one without the dowel and hole in the sprocket.
  5. Tom1200

    A14 Nissan 1.4

    As one of the A-series guys I can answer this: You'll find a diagram on Datsun1200.com but here is what you need to know. With the number one cylinder at TDC the key way on the crank sprocket should be point at an angle approximately 4 o'clock. The dowel hole on the camshaft sprocket should be in line with the key way pointing down at 4 o'clock. At the same time the dot on the crank sprocket should be at 3 o'clock and the shiny chain link lined up with said dot, the dot on the camshaft sprocket should be at approximately 1 o'clock with the shiny link lining up with that dot. Also on Datsun1200.com you'll find the spec for how much slack is allowed in the chain and how to measure it.
  6. Tom1200

    Strut insert and Rear shock guide!!!

    Datsun1200.com has a whole list of strut inserts that will work for you.
  7. Tom1200

    Nissan a14 motor reaching 100kw

    So here are some options to get the compression up. Custom pistons; this is what I did. $600 for forged JE pistons with rings. The standard A15 pistons come in a 6cc and 10cc dish and the head gaskets standard have a 1.2mm crush thickness. You can get a GX head gasket with a .8 crush thickness and a Nismo one with .6 crush thickness. Both available on EBay. Bprojects is on EBay (there a Japanese company that specializes in A-series stuff for Sunny models) You could get 6cc dish pistons and the thinnest gasket, I believe that will take you to 10-1 compression or close to it. Honda pistons come in 76mm with flat tops / near flat tops; I can't remember if it's the D15 or B16 but you can look it up on the Internet. They Honda piston uses the same 19mm pin as the Datsun. You can use Mazda MX-5 / Miata 78mm pistons, the small end of the rods will need to bore to 20mm and the piston tops milled flat. The issue with this solution is the compression ratio may be rather high for a street car. I don't know what head you're using, they vary from 29cc to 32cc combustion chambers and you would need to use one of those online compression ratio calculators. DO NOT, DO NOT mill the head to get the compression up; this causes all sorts of issues with push rod lengths and rocker arm geometry. One of my cylinder heads has had 2mm milled off it and due to that I've had to fly cut deep notches into the forged pistons as well as make shims for the rocker shaft pedestals, as well as mill some of the pedestals. I have to mix and match the modified parts to get everything correct when every I fit different cams. It was a pain to sort, luckily I have a machinist friend who's able to make these little custom bits. It's one thing to do it for a race car but quite another for a street car.
  8. Tom1200

    Nissan a14 motor reaching 100kw

    Pierre you will not be able to use the A14 pistons with the A15 crank because the pistons will be sticking up 2.5mm above the deck. Not the previously mentioned piston pin heights, due to the 5mm longer stroke of the A15 Nissan decreased the piston pin height 2.5mm. You can mill the A14 piston down of course but that would likely lead to piston failure.
  9. Tom1200

    Nissan a14 motor reaching 100kw

    The A15 and A14 use the same block with a deck height of 204.1mm, the A14 uses a 77mm stroke with a piston pin height of 32.5mm and the A15 uses a 82mm stroke with a 30mm pin height. They both use a 76mm bore. As to the original question first I will share this; my so called race motor makes 99hp at the wheels. It uses a ported GX head with 39mm flatslide carbs, 278 cam, headers with 2 inch exhaust and 11.90-1 compression. It's streetable but uses 100 octane fuel. While the motor will run at any RPM it's happiest above 4500rpm and doesn't really make power until 5500 rpm. Realistically 110hp at wheels is probably the turning point. A b140 makes all of 80hp at the crank stock (55-60 at the wheels?) so getting one up to 85-90 at the wheels is a huge improvement.
  10. Tom1200

    280zx front coil over caliper facing front or back?

    Krafor, the spacers can be used regardless of ride height. You can measure the ride height and then reset it after installing the spacers. While you indeed swap the struts side to side, the brake lines on your car now may not be the correct length and or have routing issues. Dependent on what size wheels you have you could also run into clearance problems Swapping the struts from one side to the other seems like a lot of work just to avoid using spacers. I do one of two things to fix it. A. Use the spacers even if I didn't like the look of them. B. Just change the pads more often. If you're only having to change them once a year or ever other year it's not a big deal. I'm cheap and lazy so I'd go with option A. Note there is no wrong answer if at the end of the day you're happy with it.
  11. Tom1200

    Suzuki GSX-R carbs on A-series???

    On my car the velocity stacks are close to the hood. When the A15 goes back in I will likely have the dry sump system done so the motor will be sitting close to 2" lower which may allow me to get a proper air box on it.
  12. Tom1200

    Suzuki GSX-R carbs on A-series???

    My car actually uses fuel filler hose to mount the carbs to the manifold. On the surface it seems a bit cheesy but the set up came off a RunOffs winning sports racer so it's good enough for me. The filler house actually allows for a little bit of adjustment. Now as for that video; why are they lugging motor??? A-series motors make a very distinct sound above 8000 rpm, sort of a high pitched screech..........this is how I know to shift. At 9,000 it sounds like the rods are going to fly out the block. The motor in the video sounds like it's in the low to mid 7s. I suck at posting pictures but here's a link to my set up. http://datsun1200.com/modules/myalbum/photo.php?lid=26124
  13. Tom1200

    Best battery for a B210???

    In my 1200 I'm using a group 51 Honda Civic battery, a Miata battery would work as well. My motor has 11.89 compression and the battery has no problem firing up the motor. Also note the flat slide carbs on my car have no choke so a I have to crank the motor more than you would on a street car. As for brand I have an Autozone battery because here in the desert batteries don't last more than 3-4 years. I always preferred Interstate and had good luck with them, I was managing to get 5 years out of them. I was also getting them at a discount.
  14. Tom1200

    Suzuki GSX-R carbs on A-series???

    This will break your heart, I got mine with the manifold for $250! If you shop around carefully you can find them for the same price you'd pay for Mikunis. You have to look around on various bike sites. The smaller sizes, 39mm, can be found for a lot less, I've seen them as low as $500 but you're more likely to pay $750 to $1,200. Like anything you need to shop around. Nothing should make you shy away from a used set, they are simply but absolute works of art. The FCR carbs flow more than DCOE style carbs mainly due to the lack of a throttle shaft (8-10mm restriction). Even if you spend $600 more they make enough power to justify buying them. My otherwise standard A12GX motor with the only change being the Keihin carbs made 73whp. That is 18hp more than the SSS (DCOE carbs) motor done in New Zealand and the twin carb standard GX motor. The D-Sports Racer guy I got the carbs from said the made an instant 12hp increase on there race A13. Also a big plus for left hand drive cars is you don't have to move the brake master like you do if you wish to install a pair of DCOE style carbs. They only knock I will give them is you need to run pod filters on the street or fab up a custom air box. The motor will make more power with a proper air box.
  15. Tom1200

    Suzuki GSX-R carbs on A-series???

    I've run 39mm Keihin flat slides exactly like the ones pictured above. They are awesome, the only thing with bike carbs is you need very low fuel pressure (no more than 2psi). I had been running an A15 in my car but the A12 in my car now. It's just a matter of jetting. Camshafts can have a unexpected jetting change. If the cam has a lot of overlap you'll end up going leaner on the pilot jet regardless of engine displacement. If you do get bike carbs get the airbox as well. You will need to come up with a custom manifold, go to Datsun1200.com for that as there are several different set ups that people have done. I wa lucky in that the custom manifold came with the carbs. A final word on the Keihin FCR flat slide carbs; if someone tells you that your going to have flat spots or they won't work well at low RPMs, they don't know what they are taking about. My Beta dual sport bike uses the same carb and both it and the 1200 work flawlessly.

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