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  1. GamblerZ

    '74 610 Wagon Project

    I have actually been considering the eBay route, primarily for the convenience. At Autozone I would have to surrender a core which I am not really wanting to do. Are you saying that you sourced a used replacement distributor on eBay, or you purchased a newer, updated version instead?
  2. GamblerZ

    '74 610 Wagon Project

    Been to a couple of salvage yards already in the freezing cold here to scrounge up a used replacement distributor (preferably an electronic) for the L20B with no luck. I understand that the following (4-plug) distributors should work: '77-'80 620 '77-'80 200SX (I understand that this one would be preferred) '77-'80 510 Given that I can't locate a used one, can anyone point me somewhere that I don't get hosed for a distributor? Ebay? Autozone? Reman or not?
  3. GamblerZ

    '74 610 Wagon Project

    That is precisely what I was looking for. THANKS!!!
  4. GamblerZ

    610 Wagon differences

    That is very interesting regarding the gauges pictured above. I thought mine were just suffering from fading, but they look just the ones in the second pic ('74-'75). Specifically, I am trying to source trim and glass pieces and I don't know whether they are interchangeable with other year models. Meanwhile, I noticed some of the wagons have amber side markers and others do not. Some of the wagons have chrome embellishments on the taillights while others do not. Some wagons appear to have insignia on the side while others do not. I cannot find stock/oem photos for the various year models to compare. A fellow enthusiast friend of mine, "datsunfreak" to some of you, has been a tremendous help to me in mapping out a plan for this car. Despite his wealth of knowledge and professional expertise, I feel badly for asking him so many questions and was just hoping to get info from the collective group. He has already indicated that the 510 chrome bumpers will work in place of the stock black ones on the 610 wagon, as well as a number of the suspension bushings and components.
  5. GamblerZ

    '74 610 Wagon Project

    Does anyone have any tips on the best way to remove the trim on the roof drip molding? I am nervous about damaging it as I would like to polish and reuse it.
  6. GamblerZ

    610 Wagon differences

    I hoped to find more helpful responses unlike the ones above despite a Google query leading me here. It would appear that this was the wrong place to come to ask for some help and guidance identifying models. Rest assured, this is not my first rodeo
  7. GamblerZ

    610 Wagon differences

    I don't suppose you have pictures illustrating the differences?
  8. GamblerZ

    610 Wagon differences

    What differences are there in model years on the 610 wagon? I cannot find anything definitive.
  9. GamblerZ

    '74 610 Wagon Project

    Sourcing some of the smaller bits and pieces (ie. taillight, exterior window trim, et.c) is proving to be a bit of a challenge. I have been perusing car-part.com, but the bill is adding up in a HURRY. Unfortunately, I am just not familiar enough with which parts from the 510 are cross-compatible. The suspension/handling bushings will DEFINITELY need addressing as many of them are cracked or rotted out completely. However, all this is not dissuading me from tackling this project.
  10. GamblerZ

    '74 610 Wagon Project

    Bumpers coming off in favor of something chrome. Needs lots of trim. Needs both driver side windows (front & rear) Needs rear liftgate glass Grill? Debating on whether to do twin Mikunis or ITBs. 5-speed swap Some minor rust repair Complete interior redo (like most people, I drive on the INSIDE of the car) Wheels ...and paint.
  11. GamblerZ

    '74 610 Wagon Project

    I have been lurking here for a few months and I've finally had a reason to post something. I picked up a little project car for $450 (of course, I drove 800 miles round trip to pick it up). It is a bit rough around the edges, but it should be fun sorting through everything. The L20B that came in it is probably worth the asking price of the car. It is in need of a good deal of misc. parts and TLC. Any advice you can offer as to best places to locate some of these would be appreciated. Meanwhile, here are the ugly duckling photos...

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