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  1. what up, going 5.7 carb on my 1980 b310 4door wondering what rear axle would suit. for it , h165 or h190

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    2. mhub91


      A 9" ring gear came in old trucks. Your best bet would be researching what they came in and then going to your local wrecking yard. An alternative to the 9" is the 8.8" ... Although this isn't technically as strong, it would totally suitable for your application.

    3. rocky_dogtown


      Only thing im thinking of , is a foxbody mustand rear axle nd building it , as they say .

      Cause i do need disk in the back for my hydraulic E brake ,double caliper

    4. CWhip


      I'm loving my ka swapped b310! If you want to stay carb grab the intake off a truck.

  2. finally did my my own can am box, shit no one got money to waste

  3. wondering witch wires i wont needfor the ka24de swap, make my stock harness smaller than it is

    1. MikeRL411


      It's a lot smarter to "hide" behind a covering loom than to cut the wires out and discover that some functions no longer work.

  4. hpw o wire up my ka24de on my b310

  5. Yea ido. Ill take some pictures fter breakfast
  6. clutch brake gas then pop theclutch. Give it gas nd go.from there then in a turn E brake Nd all over again thats what i did on the datsun On the miata is just friction Ebrake. Nd.gas
  7. Yea the miata runs but right now Non op im re doing the front end Nd flatcat na i like.how the car felt Nd no one has.one like mine in oxnard.
  8. That motor had some balls though Cause i drove.that bitch back home .. till the battery died or it just gave out
  9. It wont b crashed . . . . . . . I think
  10. Fuck it ill try the ka24 Then if.i figure moreshit out about the rb ill go rb Love nissan more.than chevy nd mazda. ..
  11. CAuse after the smogg and legal shit im gonna b drifting in it nd i need.something that would push me up to 11000rpms or at least 9000
  12. Well the 210 is loosing weight on the front nd gaining it.on the back with the roll cage
  13. I can drop a supra deff ive been told as.well my friendsfrom westcoast can rebuilt it nd i love turbo What about sr. ?
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