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  1. She gone now of to be somebody else's baby.
  2. jarvitron

    J13 headers

    I pulled the trigger but the headers are still in a box, unfortunately, my daily driver decided to grenade the engine and force an engine swap. After doing some tape-measure dangling it doesn't look good, I'll post pics once the shop is ready for the truck.
  3. jarvitron

    J13 top radiator hose part number

    Rad. I have a pretty ratty looking old flexo on mine right now and I gotta go to napa tomorrow anyways so.... B)
  4. jarvitron

    timing chain j16 help please!

    Here's the link.
  5. jarvitron

    timing chain j16 help please!

    J engines and L engines are wildly different. The FSM for a 520 truck (with a J13, which should have the right diagram for a J15) is online, nicoclub has it posted a few places. If you can't find it, PM me and I'll email the files to you.
  6. jarvitron

    J13 headers

    The price for an "expensive" "ceramic coated" header for the MG is like $200 and I found an unpainted angle exit for $80 on Amazon. I am gonna go do some eyeballing to see if it'll clear Datsun engine compartment obstacles. I'm thinking the angled exit will work fine but who knows, maybe that first tube will ram straight into the fuel pump. It'd be worth $80 to me to get rid of the bohick lookin' plate I had to put in over the intake heat riser hole.
  7. jarvitron

    J13 headers

    Well, I know for a fact that you can use an MGB Cannon intake manifold to put a weber on a J13 (since that is what I have on mine), but has anybody ever tried using an MG (1800) header on a 520? I know it's a pretty simple flange design and it wouldn't be terribly hard to make a "custom" header, but I am secretly hoping that one of the cheapie Pacesetters will drop in. They're cheap enough I'll probably order one if nobody has tried it before, just seeing if I'm the only one.
  8. jarvitron

    Benny's beater 620 tackle box

    You can lower the front end 1.5" without any cost without the hassle of trying to dingle with your dogbones, just crank the torsion bars down (that'll get you 1.5" with nothing other than some box end wrenches and some penetrating oil). If you need more like 3 inches, you can re-index the torsion bar (which is more involved but still a zero-parts-cost mod).
  9. jarvitron

    King Pin Installation

    OK, this is another thread that's real hard to discuss without pics. Here's the exploded kingpin diagram from the 520 FSM Are you talking about the bottom kingpin cotter (part 64)? edit: I guess I should use pictures that everyone can see instead.
  10. jarvitron


    Are the stock fenders on the D21 concave or is that an optical illusion/fender dent? I kinda dig the Sani, it looks a little like a Pathfinder humped a GMC Jimmy and had a baby with a big ass.
  11. jarvitron

    New Guy - J13 vacuum advance questions

    Thanks. It seems to run fine with this source, but I've never seen one that ran from manifold before. Now to figure out why the one fog light wont' come on.
  12. jarvitron

    New Guy - J13 vacuum advance questions

    Hello - I've recently bought a 1967 Datsun 520 (in the elusive "half-painted with purpleish house paint" shade), with the original J13 engine. While I hem and haw about what to replace it with (and the dismally loosey goosey fourspeed which lopes ponderously behind it), I am trying to make it run its level best. Aside from some quite obvious carburetor issues (leaking, misadjusted, runs eye-squidgingly rich), the engine runs like a little (slightly asthmatic) top, and when all the rodents run in the same direction, it gets me up to the speed limit in an acceptable amount of time (fast enough for Portland, Oregon anyways). However, there doesn't seem to be a carburetor vacuum source to run the distributor advance diaphragm off of. There is instead a manifold vacuum port hooked up to it. Does this engine have a vacuum retard instead? Is there a port I'm missing on the carb? Anybody have a good picture of how the vacuum line (really there is just the one) is supposed to run on a J13? I looked at the PDF's of the FSM (on Nicoforum) but couldn't see any clear pictures of the vacuum line. Thanks - Aaron

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