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  1. I picked up the 210 wagon. And its still my daily driver, well actually is my first car, cool I saw the add here , !
  2. Gatlin_210

    my wagon hates drifting.

    I mean, I abused it, no doubt about it. I pulled my drain plug on the bottom of my diff, ans alot of metal came out. , the gear oil was gold and metallic, 3 bolt heads came out that look like a sark got a hold of them , and bracket looking things that look bent to hell
  3. Gatlin_210

    my wagon hates drifting.

    Living on the east coast makes it hard for me also, there's barely any datsuns out here, I've checked all junk yards , etc. And are any of those a direct fit ? I know I will maybe have to take off mounts for the coil springs and weld them on the new rear but I wanted to stay 4x114, and not be crazy wide since I do have 15x8.5 with -25 et.
  4. Gatlin_210

    my wagon hates drifting.

    Yes datzenmike, that's what I need , I didn't wreck or anything., just destroyed the gears. Where can i find that ?
  5. Gatlin_210

    my wagon hates drifting.

    I blew my diff, I was being a ass and decided I was going to take my wagon out for a late evening drift session , as you all will hate, 82 210 wagons were not made for drifting. I found this out., question is does anyone know where I can find one. ? What will fit instead ? Or if you have one laying around. Think the rears might be different in wagons but I'm no expert at all , its seperate coil ans shock , either rebuild my diff or swap the entire rear. help would be awesome. Thanks.
  6. Gatlin_210

    help me

    1982 210 wagon with a A15 , starts up great and Choke works great. After choke goes off it idled fine for a few then after a minute or 2 its starts idleing like Shit and running like its cammed up . Hard for me to get it back to a descent idle and tend to backfire a lot after this. An info would help .
  7. Gatlin_210

    lost! how to lower my wagon

    Pretty sure depends on where its from. Not to sure. Its set up with a shock and the spring is next to the shock instead of over the shock. They are seperated .
  8. Gatlin_210

    lost! how to lower my wagon

    I googled it. Found nothing. Well you googled it for me.
  9. Gatlin_210

    lost! how to lower my wagon

    I have a 210 wagon and i am completly lost on how to lower it. Everyone says to juat cut the springs but i heard its not the way to go and i want atleast 2 incheas. If anyone knows where i can get custom springs or coilovers much would help.
  10. Gatlin_210

    82 210 wagon. ideas and help.

    Correction it is a 7 digit odometer with tenths of a mile reading exactly 050,487,8
  11. Gatlin_210

    82 210 wagon. ideas and help.

    Sorry for the terrible spelling. On my android, no auto correct -__-
  12. Gatlin_210

    82 210 wagon. ideas and help.

    Did see something about the 280zx struts. Dont plan on racing it, more just low and slow. I mean it id only a 1.5 cylindet engine. 3sp. Automatic. But its always a help. Glad you said something about the exhuast. Was goinf to go from stock to 2 1/4" . Not no more lol. Also i heard cuttinf the springs arent the way to go. Can you get cust springs? Or custom coils? Would rathet go springs. And it is a 6 digit odometer that reads 050,487. Titles states this also. Im almost 95% sure its correct. I bought it from a older ladir that got it from her mom. She boughf it beand new when she was 74, barely drove it, passed and the duaghter got it, which she was a "country" girl that only believed in amarican made vehicles and trucks. So it sat for 2 yeara, explaing the rust. Luckily the floors and undrrneath are as solid as can be. The fenders, not so much. Pics to come soon
  13. Gatlin_210

    82 210 wagon. ideas and help.

    So nit only is this my first datsun, its also my first car. Ive grown up and learned everything thier is to know about dubs but honestly im a little lost with my wagon. I went out one night to buy a mk3 vr jetta, and came home with a A15 210 wagon. Runs great. Needs body work and seats need to be redone. But what really beats the hell out of me is it runs perfect, not a flaw, i got it for 350$, and the best part is, 50,xxx original miles. So i couldnt pass it up . Im new to the forum but help is all i need. I dont know really where to find parts. And i can always use help and ideas. Im completely losy on how to lower it. Coils or springs, i dont know where to find small things like emblems , etc. I do plan on doing a weber soon. Also in progress of doing exhuast, cat delete with new muffler. But is thier anytjimg else i can do with this? Again ideas and suggestions are greatly apprecited . Thanks for looking.

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