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  1. cbatt

    B210 Nos Louvers

    Thank you for getting back to me. I am a roadster guy so do not know much about the other Datsuns. Yes, it is original dealer stock, in box, with mounting kit and directions. I will pass the info along to him but it with a small market / low demand it may not be worth the effort for a few dollars. Knowing my brother he may just throw it on Ebay and it doesn't sell it will be scrapped.
  2. cbatt

    B210 Nos Louvers

    What is the value of a NOS B210 Coupe rear deck Louver #99990-00254. My brother has a set that he is interested in selling. Thank you for the help.
  3. I am clearing my bench of clutter and many of the Datsun items are going to go. These are all for the early 510 cars. All the items pictured are New Old Stock in the boxes........$300 plus shipping for everything. Early Wiper Switch 25260 H1001 Front Turn Lenses with Housings 26125-21000 Rear Wagon Tail Light Chrome Trim ( tag gone) Choke pull Knobs 18415-A4900 Brake Master Kit of Early 510 460140-A6028 Radio (I think it was a take off since it has a name on it. 27901-89910 Chris Massachusetts
  4. I have a few Datsun 2000 Roadster Grills for sale. They are been re-chromed and polished. This is the entire grill with center emblem and backing. $550 each Cbat Massachusetts
  5. NOS D center cap in original box for the early 240z car. $25 Not sure if the link will work as this is a first time doing it for me. javascript:void(0);
  6. I think this is rear lens chrome for a 510. Can anyone confirm this? It does not have a number on the box. Thank you, Cbatt Picture http://s41.beta.photobucket.com/user/stoneybrook/media/Datsun%20Parts/HPIM6506_zps7b217445.jpg.html?sort=3&o=32
  7. I have two sets of nos 410 hoses. 21501-10800 21501-20600 21503-10800 $45 a set delivered via Priority Mail in USA. Cbatt Massachusetts
  8. cbatt

    Lot of NOS Parts

    Lot of NOS parts but do not know how to upload image so please email for picture of lot. The lot contains cables, gears, bearings, seals, gas cap, screws, bolts and much more. $110 includes Priority shipping here in the USA. Item location Massachusetts.
  9. New Carb kits for the following carburetors; DCR-306 Should fit 1982 Sentra, 200sx, 210,720,Stanza, 310 and F10 DCH-340 200SX 77-79 DFC-328 Pulsar, Sentra 83-86 DFE-2832 Sentra Pulsar 84-87 (2 of these kits) These are all sealed in the packages and complete. All come with the drawings and application in the box. 5 kits total and two large stacks of base and housing gaskets; $55 plus actual shipping costs.
  10. I have a whole box of new Carb kits for various Datsuns and other cars. Here is a list: DCZ-328 DCP-306 DCR-306 DCH-340 DFB-306 DFC-328 DCR-342 DFE-2832 DCS-306 More for Honda and Toyota cars Included and duplicates of some numbers. Included are bags of base and body gaskets, clips and plungers, all new $100 plus shipping for the total lot. Many of these kits cost well of $40 each and some are not available anymore. Email me for pictures at chrisbatterman@yahoo.com

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