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  1. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    One step closer to being a proper redneck rv.Air compressor still fits in the little nook.Borrowed the idea for the legs from another sleeping platform build I found on the interwebz.Front section is pretty easy to remove. It is currently screwed to a lip I mounted to the front of the rear box, but will be swapping those screws out for metal dowls at some point to make for toolless removal.
  2. UnderControl

    Sightings 2, the not a datsun but... Thread

    Turbo grandma wagon.
  3. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    I can slide over rocks with less worry. This is the tomken skid. Chose it because it is the only one I've seen that doesn't use the hitch mounting bolts. I wanted to avoid that since I already have bumper brackets and shackle brackets there. Since the skid doesn't have the cutout for the exhaust I did have to modify the exhaust a bit, not pictured. Also not pictured but I got around to replacing the u joints in my spare axles. So far I've only been able to actually swap in the passenger side one.
  4. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    In other news I can now see behind me. I'm petty well set for safety. The bags are air compressor and recovery gear.Finally also got myself some trail nav in the form of a GPS enabled tablet.Seen here with fall trip planning.
  5. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Well, my intake is done.I vastly underestimated just how loud this was going to be in the cabin. Now really hoping I don't regret this, but didn't have much of a choice considering where I want to mount the second battery.
  6. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Well, it has been raining pretty much non-stop for the last couple of days so working on the jeep has been interesting.If I were smart I would have backed the mustang out first.At the end of the day I was left with a stupidly bright light bar and gauges I can actually see.
  7. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Parking is going to get interesting for me as well. Gonna have to figure out what I want to do with the car. would be pretty cheap, quick and easy to make it a decent cruiser, but they make really cool race cars.
  8. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    66 289 C4 auto car. Shooting to actually bring it home in mid-late October. At which point it'll go up on jack stands and I'll start taking it apart. Phase one will mostly consist of disk brake swapping and general getting it running and driving.
  9. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Alternator actually showed up Friday. Mounting bracket took less grinding than expected and as such I didn't get a picture of it. What I did get a pic of is the before shot of the steel support bracket, a pic that seems to be missing from all the write ups I've found.Took maybe 15 minutes to get it all ground down to fit. Then it was just a matter of swapping pullies and turning attention to the engine side.Sorry for the dark pics but they are what I've got. This is another pic that is hard to come by in write ups for this swap. There are two holes in the timing cover/block that have studs pass through for mounting the alt brackets. These need to be ground flush with the mount. The shiny bit behind the pick is the ground alt bracket. In my case the lower hump was already flush so I didn't spend much time on it.Anyway, back on the road again. Exhaust is a tiny bit louder at idle and low load, but settles into a stock like quiet on the highway. Speaking of mustangs, here is a sneak peak at this winter's project.
  10. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    So, I set out to replace the three rusted/broken studs in the manifold to exhaust flange....Yeah, some redneck shit happened. Figured as long as I was in there I may as well get around to making that 2.5" exhaust I've been threatening to make for a while.This is a pretty quick and dirty job, but it didn't cost me anything since every part used was laying around from other projects. Alternator got pushed back a day, but should have it today and hopefully it will be on tonight so I can have my daily back on the road.
  11. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Got the xj out this weekend for some wheeling.One of the yj's passengers wanted to find some mud, they found it alright.took turns winching him out.Had a fairly loud trip home after trying to climb something I shouldn't have resulted in an open header situation.This was bound to happen consider the bolts had already rusted away to nothing. Now I'll just have to drill them out and replace with some stainless hardware. Also managed to lose my passenger rear flare and half kill my alternator, made it home, but it is pushing a max of 11.5 Volts now.
  12. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Testing the new tires at the mall.
  13. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    In tonight's edition of "Why did I buy an XJ?" I give up on looking for my masking paper.I sweep up what used to be an XJ.And I take a mall rated picture to show it's out of the garage.I have jumped ship from Rust-Oleum to krylon at least for bed liner. It is low texture like rustoleum, although not quite as low, although Rusty's black is more black. However, the krylon actually sprays worth a damn, which is not something I can say about the rustoleum bed liner. I got about 3X the coverage out of a can of krylon than rusty and I didn't have issues with running like I did before.Beyond that I got the interior back together and took it for a test drive. On the plus side the double sided tape that is currently holding the rear flares on didn't let go on the driver, so that's cool.
  14. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    Almost done and very happy about it.Everything is seam sealed on the passenger side.Got a couple coats of the trusty rustoleum satin black on the floor and then added some sound deadening.And finally got started on bed lining the driver's side. just one quick coat on everything so far. It'll all get at least 2 coats (which will hopefully even it out a bit).Now just need to finish painting everything and get the interior back together.
  15. UnderControl

    Idle hands: assorted projects

    2x6 is all welded in now as well as the frame rail tie ins. Interior is cleaned up and areas that needed it primed.I also started in on that rear quarter. Got the cut and fold done and most of the rusted out section replaced.Still need to make one more piece to finish out the arch, and then I need to tie it into the inner fender before doing the final trim and paint.Plan at present is to get the passenger side interior seam sealed tomorrow. Then on Tuesday finish the rear quarter, paint interior floor, add some sound deadening and get the passenger exterior primed and seam sealed. Then sometime between Wednesday and Friday actually get the interior put back together and the exterior painted.

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