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  1. its-dat510

    Chevy 1 wire alternator

    Noob question just wondering what cars had the chevy 1 wire alternator im looking to put one in my 510 I went to a starter alternator place and the guy did not know what a one wire alternator was he asked what kind of car had it? I have done research but dont know what car has it or what car has it that will fit my 510 thanks
  2. Any one have a notch top sr20der motor or bottom end (block)?
  3. its-dat510

    Who does swaps in socal

    Left Coast Datsun in Long Beach. Look them up on Facebook i checked already chuck said he doesnt do sr20 swaps not sure on ka24 though?
  4. its-dat510

    Who does swaps in socal

    Im Looking to get my 510 swapped dont have the time To do it myself im looking for a shop or someone who can do a ka24de or sr20det i already have a sr20det but if its cheaper to go ka ill sell it and buy a ka just need something reliable thanks in advance
  5. its-dat510


    I have a Datsun 510 with bubble flares front 280zx struts with coilovers and stock rear was wondering if i can fit 15x9 in front and 15x9.5 rear if do what offset? I want to have a good deep lip?
  6. its-dat510

    DatsunNippon carshow/swapmeet at Eagle Rock

    ill be there looking for random parts anything that will make my dime look better lol i do need a front bumper though
  7. its-dat510

    Sr20det question new to this

    Thanks dude very helpful
  8. its-dat510

    Sr20det question new to this

    I was planning on running 550cc injectors and gr2871 turbo. So i need a tunable ecu for this right . An suspension i have 280zx with ground control coilovers and fir diff i have stock but looking for subi lsd
  9. its-dat510

    Sr20det question new to this

    Actually my question was has anyone ran cx racing turbo kit for the sr
  10. its-dat510

    Sr20det question new to this

    Why would it blow up?? And i pretty much know whats needed ima flip cross member i know they sell radiator and intercooler already but i still need to do little research i bet you guys guna think its crazy but im bearly 19 going to college and working and doing this swap haha
  11. its-dat510

    Sr20det question new to this

    The car was being pareted out maybe thats why when i went for motor they had bare shell and a couple things left
  12. its-dat510

    Sr20det question new to this

    So this is what i bought good or bad??? Got it for 1300

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