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  1. Noob question just wondering what cars had the chevy 1 wire alternator im looking to put one in my 510 I went to a starter alternator place and the guy did not know what a one wire alternator was he asked what kind of car had it? I have done research but dont know what car has it or what car has it that will fit my 510 thanks
  2. Left Coast Datsun in Long Beach. Look them up on Facebook i checked already chuck said he doesnt do sr20 swaps not sure on ka24 though?
  3. Im Looking to get my 510 swapped dont have the time To do it myself im looking for a shop or someone who can do a ka24de or sr20det i already have a sr20det but if its cheaper to go ka ill sell it and buy a ka just need something reliable thanks in advance
  4. I have a Datsun 510 with bubble flares front 280zx struts with coilovers and stock rear was wondering if i can fit 15x9 in front and 15x9.5 rear if do what offset? I want to have a good deep lip?
  5. ill be there looking for random parts anything that will make my dime look better lol i do need a front bumper though
  6. I was planning on running 550cc injectors and gr2871 turbo. So i need a tunable ecu for this right . An suspension i have 280zx with ground control coilovers and fir diff i have stock but looking for subi lsd
  7. Actually my question was has anyone ran cx racing turbo kit for the sr
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