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  1. patrickh

    New to the forum. Starting my 620 project

    The engine is from an automatic 240sx so i'll have to buy a flywheel and i was just checking to see what will work. Thanks for the info and the link. It's much appreciated
  2. patrickh

    New to the forum. Starting my 620 project

    I'm about ready to go back together. Just need to get a couple more parts ordered. Also what clutch/flywheel setup is anyone using with the 720 5 speed trans on the ka???
  3. patrickh

    New to the forum. Starting my 620 project

    I've already messaged redeye about the mounts so i have that figured out. I read in another ka24de swap write up that the 720 5 speed manual trans bolts up to the ka24. I'll find out this weekend i guess after i pull the cab off and pull the motor out if that's gonna work.
  4. I bought a 72 620 about a month ago and since have started tearing it down to do a little body work and fix all the little stuff. It will also be getting a ka24de transplant soon. I'll post as the project progresses. Thanks everyone who has posted write up's and info about the swap and brakes and etc.

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