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    I'm selling my '84 nissan's engine, trans, driveshaft and exhaust. Would prefer to sell as a package, but I will also sell these individually. I want this stuff gone, and I'd really like it to go to someone in the community who might be able to use it. Z24 has roughly 177k miles on it, rebuilt due to failure, however the cylinder head bolts were stretched and the head gasket was leaking on the first start AFTER the rebuild so a little more work will be needed. Here's what was done, Man work was done by del's machine shop in Sacramento -valve job from a burnt valve -decked block and head from a head gasket failure -crankshaft was welded and refinished from thrust bearing wear -bores were re-honed -all new bearings and gaskets -new timing set -new oil pump -new gaskets -new clutch -carb was rebuilt a few years ago, but could use some tlc from sitting -will include complete exhaust, this engine passed smog reasonably well before it failed. fs5w71b(I think?) is in good shape, same miles as the engine, was taken apart to have the 5th gear counter gear and needle bearing replaced. Work done by Manual Transmission Warehouse in Sacramento Driveshaft has same miles, new U-joints, support bearing is in OK condition. Asking $1000 for everything, OBO. Would like some garage space back. Pick up ONLY, can help you load into YOUR vehicle.


    Sacramento , California - US

  2. In regards to the 4x4 springs.. I have them under my girl, which I swapped to from my stock leaves that had the overload springs removed and a 3 inch block. I actually went to the 4x4's for more height (compared to blocks)!! :rofl: :rofl: Rides a bit nicer too, IMO. Threw some poly bushings in too and they are great.
  3. Super clean. Famous too.. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/cto/5094747250.html
  4. Now if you could machine your own faces, then you'd be set. And I'd be knocking down your door!
  5. Came into my work to pick up a 'Lil ripper' for the little 'un. Nice to meet you sir.
  6. Sick merch. And you definitely should do the rag top!! I was considering it for my truck, but I'm not sure how they hold up at +120mph...
  7. I really like these and I've been trying to figure out their exact construction layer by layer in order to recreate it. Any possibility I could get some close-ups of the lid edge materials and how it comes apart? I would really appreciate as I'd love one for my truck and I'd love to make a diy post.
  8. Ah. Yeah, I spoke to her at the grocery store. Sweet car. Stock l16
  9. South sac.. Can't remember who this is, but I've seen them before downtown.. Yup... Took this about a year ago;
  10. As time goes on, I actually find myself wanting to build my truck in the same direction as you. I do, however, NEED a manual to be happy. Do you know of any 6 speeds that work behind an lq4? I've heard rumors that a 350z/370z tranny will mate with an adapter..
  11. I do wish you guys weren't so damned far.
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