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  1. Omelet720

    Second time around

    In regards to the 4x4 springs.. I have them under my girl, which I swapped to from my stock leaves that had the overload springs removed and a 3 inch block. I actually went to the 4x4's for more height (compared to blocks)!! :rofl: :rofl: Rides a bit nicer too, IMO. Threw some poly bushings in too and they are great.
  2. Omelet720

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Super clean. Famous too.. http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/cto/5094747250.html
  3. Omelet720

    Rims...post what you have & had

    Now if you could machine your own faces, then you'd be set. And I'd be knocking down your door!
  4. Omelet720


    Came into my work to pick up a 'Lil ripper' for the little 'un. Nice to meet you sir.
  5. Omelet720

    New To the 720 crowd..

    Sick merch. And you definitely should do the rag top!! I was considering it for my truck, but I'm not sure how they hold up at +120mph...
  6. I really like these and I've been trying to figure out their exact construction layer by layer in order to recreate it. Any possibility I could get some close-ups of the lid edge materials and how it comes apart? I would really appreciate as I'd love one for my truck and I'd love to make a diy post.
  7. Omelet720


    Ah. Yeah, I spoke to her at the grocery store. Sweet car. Stock l16
  8. Omelet720


    South sac.. Can't remember who this is, but I've seen them before downtown.. Yup... Took this about a year ago;
  9. Omelet720

    1975 620LQ4

    As time goes on, I actually find myself wanting to build my truck in the same direction as you. I do, however, NEED a manual to be happy. Do you know of any 6 speeds that work behind an lq4? I've heard rumors that a 350z/370z tranny will mate with an adapter..
  10. Omelet720

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Do want^^^^^^
  11. Omelet720

    pic of your truck

    I do wish you guys weren't so damned far.
  12. Omelet720

    pic of your truck

    What's tomorrow??
  13. Omelet720

    Crazy cool JDM truck wheels

    P.M.'d you.
  14. Omelet720

    Crazy cool JDM truck wheels


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