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  1. I guess I could post in here once every year or so.... I’ve been slowly collecting parts, and planning out my garage to get everything moving on this car finally. It’s likely that I’ll have quite a few things for sale as plans change and different parts are now available. Here’s just a few of the parts collected for this build. I am waiting on the rear backing plates and strut tubes from T3 which will get used with my Apex Engineered rear end, axles are on their way. I have a clutch and flywheel for the transmission along with a Concentric slave
  2. An update! Got all the parts I needed for the transmission to go back together. Cleaned everything up and reassemble the trans with new seals and gaskets. Nice of Nissan to pre-grease these. BTW, I have been really impressed with Evaporust! I wasted a TON of time trying to get the front half of the case on. Could not for the life of me figure out why it wouldn't seat any farther than this. Then I remembered that the lower bearing goes on after the case, and not be
  3. This looks great so far. Fab skills are awesome too! Looking forward to more.
  4. Well, waiting on some parts to show up, and been cleaning and organizing the garage after taking the wall down. Space is 30x40 and P.O. of the house had the back blocked off for a wood shop. Still need to do a lot of moving around parts and trying to set everything up where I like it. It is significantly cleaner in there now just no oics. Since I have ADHD, and I unboxed my Z-trix subtle Z rear panels I figured it would be a good time to place those on the car and plan out the cuts. Although this side looks okay, the amount of bondo on the arc
  5. Engine is going together now. Have had most of the parts for the refresh sitting. Cleaning everything up with Evaporust, and polished the crank journals. Won't win any awards for cleanest engine internals, but it's miles better than it was. Parts are on order for the transmission fix. Here's the culprit. This has apparently been replaced by an updated part. Hopefully it won't suffer the same fate. Conveniently numbered main caps. It's crazy that this engine has forged internals, steel ma
  6. So, A little bit of an update on the build. Almost a year ago now, I picked up a used transmission out of a G37. The 6MT found in the 370z and G37 is the JK41A or B and the JK40C. I think the one I have is an A. This trans is very similar to the very sought after CD009, with the only major differences being a redesigned input shaft (bearing is slightly different), a concentric slave (which is a known failure point), and a helical cut reverse gear. There were some issues with the first iteration of the rev matching in these transmissions, but I won't be running that anyway. The gearing is nearl
  7. Thanks for the link. Just dug through my parts box and found a set with some random interior hardware I had picked up a while ago. They are cracked, but will work.
  8. Working on a project, and trying to find info on the size of the little plastic tip that goes on the end of the sun visor into the clip. Neither of mine are on the visors, I assume they were lost some time before I got the car. See below Not my image. If anyone could measure them that would be very helpful.
  9. That would definitely be a unique look.
  10. For Mock-up ONLY I want to test fit all the bearings, and check the dimensions to ensure that offset and scrub radius will be the same with the rotors over the hubs before having a set machined. I also wanted to make sure that I could still get the snap ring into the hub with the way it was designed. There may be a few iterations before the final part is made. I would never run a plastic suspension part. This should also help me mock up a caliper bracket. Should have specified that.
  11. Somewhere I have pictures of all of the engine parts I have collected. Not sure what happened to them, but I have all the gaskets, seals, bolts, bearings, and rings I need to reassemble. It has been a few years of on and off building due to work, school, and life. Anyway, I got the engine disassembled and assessed it's condition. Some surface rust on a few internal components needs to be cleaned up, but the bearings looked like it had been taken care of previously. I sourced a bunch of parts from Performance VH, specifically the chain guide upgrade. It is not uncommon to find these series one
  12. Thread has been long dead, and build has been relatively dormant, but I do have some updates. A few years back while browsing the internet, I got the wild idea to run a Japanese V-8 in my 240z. Probably influenced by too many Petrolicious videos or something. So the hunt began to try an find a suitable donor. 1UZs seemed like a good idea, and they had been done a couple times, but I wanted something unique that wore the Nissan/ Infiniti badge. Through researching I discovered the VH45DE. A popular option among drifters, and a few crazy 300zx owners. As luck would have it I found a
  13. All this work is making me feel lazy! I have way less rust on my Z, but it sits untouched in the garage. Need to get my act together. Great work BTW!
  14. Just read through this whole topic again. Absolutely stunning work on an amazing car. Looking forward to more.
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