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  1. FISCH!! that was NICE sounded really really good congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ..::j.i.am::..

    Fisch's Art Gallery and Print shop

    Im for sure buying one and you know which one its 58-59datsun:D ill pm u later to give u my info
  3. ..::j.i.am::..

    How I got my 59 L210

    Thats cool how you guys came across your 59s. the way i got mine i had seen it about 3 to 4yrs ago. i was craigslist just looking to see what i would fine. and when i seen it i couldnt belive that datsuns would even go back that far. when i seen i had fell in love it and i wanted but didnt have the money to buy it. so i didnt think i would ever see one again. and just about 4 months ago i seen again on CL so i started emailing the owner wanting to know more. at then he told me to come look it check it out. so i did and soon as i seen it i wanted it so bad. that i was going back n forth on gettig it. i left and as i was leaving his house it didnt feel rite so i drove to the bank pull the money out when back n told him im back to pick up my car! the koo thing about it he drop it off at my house on my bday:D
  4. ..::j.i.am::..

    NEW ART! 1959 Custom Datsun Sedan

    i been busy with work but ill start a thread very soon.
  5. ..::j.i.am::..

    NEW ART! 1959 Custom Datsun Sedan

    That is NICE!!! makes me want to hurry up and work on my 58 to get it done! nice work

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