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  1. Had a rod knock when i got it was planing on doin an SR swap but i guess the car just wanted me to rebiuld it . So i kept the L20B and redid everything cars runnin really fast ^_^
  2. Yupp i have all the paper work under the name of Okubu. Were did you get a hold of this picture though mang .
  3. Oh and as you can see it does not have the ugly ass US bumpers . lol
  4. Well i happen to own 1 of these hard ass @$#%^ to get 200sx's and ive built it just for drft here in L.A. that am selling
  5. PM for pics $8,000 FIRM
  6. fcwankel

    1976 Nissan New Silvia RHD

    No am not gunnna junk it :lol: If it wont sell then i guess ill have to keep till im older . Swear ima sell it 4 $250 :fu:
  7. fcwankel

    1976 Nissan New Silvia RHD

    Well i guesss ill have to junk it ............
  8. fcwankel

    1976 Nissan New Silvia RHD

    yeah i need to sell . working on an 87 RX-7 ^_^
  9. fcwankel

    1976 Nissan New Silvia RHD

    lol come on mannnnnnnnnng !!!!!!!
  10. fcwankel

    1976 Nissan New Silvia RHD

    so yeah anybody interested ?
  11. fcwankel

    1976 Nissan New Silvia RHD

    Well im trying to sell it because ima be going to college this year and i need a reliable car. 10 gees. the only thing that needs to be done is the interior and some APR GT1 carbon Fibor mirrors are on their way . school laptops are slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
  12. Engine & Transmission related : Nissan L-20B L-18SSS ported and polished head Tilton valve springs and retainers 280Z stainless steel valves Forged aluminum high compression pistons Balanced rods and crankshafts Nissan competition header 280Z high volume oil pump Earls engine oil cooler with braided hose Design products modified baffled oil pan Dial-in-Cam adjustable cam sprocket competition camshaft Tiltons engine oil spreader Webber 45 DCOE twin carburetors Jacobs ignition coil and plug wires Tiltons aluminum flywheel 280Z pressure plate 2" exhaust pipe and turbo muffler Electronic ignition Five speed manual transmission converted from original auto transmission Suspension related : Heavy duty front sway bar with polyurethane bushings Adjustable ride height front struts Adjustable front gas shocks Adjustable camber plates Strut tower bar JFZ aluminum two piston competition break calipers with 280Z break master cylinder with stainless steel braided hoses Aluminum wheel spacers with long competition wheel studs Six 13x7 aluminum wheels with eight new firestone slicks Tilton break pressure adjuster Design products made panhard rod Lowered rear suspension with lowering block Adjustable coil springs Adjustable rear sway bar with polyurethane bushings Rear torque rod bars Rear disc break with aluminum JFZ competition calipers and stainless steel braided hoses Nissan competition rear limited slip differential Aluminum wheel spacers with competition long wheel studs Body related and other : Custom flared front and rear fenders lightened body Fiber glass rear trunk lid No interior panels or back seats Monza kevlar Racing bucket seat Simpson 5 point safety belt The battery is in the trunk 6 point roll cage Original body color red know white . Offer me a price ..... fcwankel@yahoo.com
  13. fcwankel

    Datsun Silvia

    I beleive cuss it had low voltage, it wasnt really powering the fuel pump .
  14. fcwankel

    Datsun Silvia

    yeah ill check that too... thanks. what u guys think of these on my S10 !? http://www.aprperformance.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=92&Itemid=44 I cant find the original mirrors .....
  15. fcwankel

    Datsun Silvia

    Thanks but im sure theres sumthin else wrong than just the battery Oh yeah heres where i placed the battery

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