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  1. 77/620RaTsooN

    Titan rims

    are the titan wheels the only sweet lookn big rims for a ratsun
  2. 77/620RaTsooN

    Titan rims

    i think black is the sickest way to go. every1 likes black & its easiest to miantane.
  3. 77/620RaTsooN

    Amazing Dash!

    hey man . if no 1 has hit u up yet i basically want everything u got ill pay for it all too. or maybe we can work sumthin out just name ur price. :D
  4. 77/620RaTsooN

    Wild 620 fiberglass wheel flares and front scoop

    have u got rid of that fiberglass yet. or is anybody interested in it yet?
  5. 77/620RaTsooN

    swaped vins !!!

    i swaped my vins from a 73 620 single to a 77 king not sure if its gonna work. made it look factory though so maybe.?
  6. 77/620RaTsooN

    electrical problem?

    who ever owned it be fore me spliced into the egnition wire for an alarm. i was been dumb didnt notice that the wire wasnt even hooked up.
  7. 77/620RaTsooN

    electrical problem?

    its electric but its not fried thnks i fixed it yesterday
  8. 77/620RaTsooN

    electrical problem?

    well its more like it has constent power but wont fire. everything works stereo, dashh beepers, lights just dont fire.?
  9. 77/620RaTsooN

    electrical problem?

    yea that could be it its a brand new altenator though scratch that. weres this regulater located if u can tell me
  10. 77/620RaTsooN

    electrical problem?

    if any can help with some info? i cant figure out were im getting a constent hot wires on the electric distributor while the key is off.

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