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my first datsun was a 74 truck brand new which i had for a few years and had to sell it and i picked up a 4 door for $450. it was in the back of a dealership. the tranny leaked oil on the flywheel so the gas pedal had to be "sqweezed". over the years i have had 35 cars. 18 datsuns, 9 mazdas and others. the volvo wagon was handy as it carries a ton of stuff on the rack. somewhere in there i had a mazda rx2 that we raced in scca. wish i still had it. i learned at somepoint how to make fiberglass parts of which i still have like 30+ molds for 510 fiberglass parts of which i sold on ebay until the economy took a dive. i currently have a 70 wagon, L20, 5speed, a 1970 stock 4 door and a 1977 620 king cab that is actually a dump truck with the hydrolic pump and electric motor to drive behind the passenger seat. can you say pretty handy! i got rid of the volvo after i got the truck. the 4 door in the garage is ready to paint and finnish someday. my wife and i drive these cars everyday. what the heck its only a car. she came home the other day and some guy yelled to her that he would give her $10k for the 4 door.... i asked then why is it still in my driveway? she said he was drunk! so anyway i have had 2 1200's, 2 z's, 5 fourdoor's, 2 twodoors, 1 wagon, 3 trucks, and one roadster as far as i can remember! it is nice to have spare parts in the garage when things go down too!

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