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  1. 161132127147378099 Expires 2/28/21
  2. I need that hood and front bumper.
  3. 125102942116828942 Expires February 2
  4. If your going to do it I think VW TDI is the way to go. Plenty of power and parts are easy to find. Plus you cant beat the miles per gallon. I am just getting into diesels lately and currently swapping a 1Z TDI into my 2006 mazda 5 van. On the back burner an OM602 waiting to go into the 720.
  5. Nice find, not very many datsuns around here. More pics please.
  6. Ok thanks for the useful information. I guess as long as it runs ok it doesn't matter. I'm trying to get all my wiring back to normal.
  7. Hello, I am having a hard time figuring out how to wire a couple things. A lot of the wiring was cut by the PO. I'm not sure if this is the original carb or not. The two solenoids in the pics, what are they called, what do they do, and how should they be wired? I have located all the wires in the diagram but it just seems like something is missing. There is a throttle switch on the carb and a manual choke.
  8. I need some parts for a 90 nissan axxess. If someone could find one with the parts I need I would pay you for the parts plus shipping. There seem to be allot up there in the north west but there are none near where i live. There should be one at the North Portland pick n pull so if anyone is going there soon please let me know. Thanks
  9. In good condition, no dents. I will pay for shipping. Thanks
  10. Wow! I wish I had time, money, garage/shop and skill to do this. Good work guys. This car looks great.
  11. Wish i still had my d21
  12. Ya I didn't think they would ever break. I already scraped the old ones too. I called sway away and they no longer make them for 720,s. The guy I talked to said he would see if they had any left.
  13. After work today as I was backing out of my parking spot I herd a loud pop. I could see half a torsion bar on the ground. I have only had them on for about 6 months and only drive 4 miles a day. I just cant believe broke under no stress at all.
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