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  1. I found out that the kit does use the washers on both sides in case anyone else wants to know. I will post pictures after I install mine.
  2. Has anyone installed this set up yet? I have the kit but I am wondering if I still need to install the washers on both sides of where the lower arm bolts to the cross member.
  3. Here is another shot of the mirror. They are positionable also.
  4. I have these mirrors on my 510 that are from a Volvo P1800 that I bought here:https://classicvolvorestoration.com/rear-view-mirrors-volvo-amazon-220-wagon/2402-volvo-pvamazon1800140-72-73-door-mirror.html
  5. paul97


    What size binder clips did you use?
  6. Thanks for the info. I ended up ordering one from a MGB.
  7. Do you know where can I get one of those plates and boots?
  8. paul97

    New Carbs

    Any update on this setup? I am thinking about getting a set for my L16 engine.
  9. The web site says "The Dual kit is for SU or ZS type manifolds and consists of 2 HSR42mm or 45mm carbs modified with extended throttle shafts,smaller float needle and seats, and larger main jets and the kit includes manifold adaptors and linage to connect to the stock rod or cable type throttle linkages." I would like to see if anyone has tried these because I am more familiar with those carbs and how to tune them than the SU type carbs. I attached a picture of them on a L16 in a 510 that was on their web site.
  10. Has anyone tried this setup? http://www.v-performance.com/products/air_fuel.html
  11. Has anyone ever used this place? http://paltech1.com/datsun-roadster-carbs/
  12. I have a set of round top ones that came with the 510 that I just bought and I want to use them but they are missing some parts and have no air filters. Does anyone know where I can get parts for them?
  13. I was wondering if this is still true that the 280zx struts are better than using 510 struts and installing big brake kits? If money is not a problem is it still better to use the 280 sx struts than the 510 ones?
  14. Does anyone know the history on this car?
  15. I can't wait to see what it looks like with tires on it.
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