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  1. Thank you so much. It's been years since I've done any rear end work and it was always on old Fords with Dad, it would be swapping out the entire rear end and calling it good. Did the differential swap no problem, but the old one wasn't in as bad shape as I thought. DEFINITELY used and abused though. I'm almost thinking a lot of the noise was there u joint that is visibly rusty around the seals. Any recommendation on brands for replacement? Wasn't happy with the quality of the Duralast ones last time, but I did get 100k miles out of em with some heavy use...
  2. Is there a good post about the different rear ends that Datsun used? Tearing into the guts of a rear end is one of the only things I've never done. Couldn't be harder than rebuilding a Hitachi carb, right? 🤣
  3. Yeah, I've had my 620 for ten years and put 130k on top of her 200... And hauled over a half ton in the bed literally hundreds of times. Last one might have been the final straw. Put 1000 pounds of brick in her and she started stuttering REALLY bad and heard what sounded like bad metal on metal clanking. Like, REALLY bad. Her springs are shot and u joints and carrier have over 100k on them, so I'm not ruling that out, and the symptoms reduced greatly when the load was removed. There's an occasional hard CLUNK when the clutch is engaged to fast from a stop but not between gears. Mostly I just had this newer truck sitting in the yard that I hoped I could scab parts from... I didn't realize it wasn't a 720
  4. I recently got an 87 Nissan standard cab with hopes of scabbing suspension parts for my 620s, the rear end from the 87 is 40.5 in. Center of leaf to center of leaf. The 78 620 is 38.5 center to center on the leaf. The 87 total length is 3.5 inches wider. Both have 10 bolts on the pumpkin. I was wondering if this swap is possible without welding or cutting things, or if the internal differential parts are interchangeable. Looking grim to me, but thought I'd check. Thanks!!!!!
  5. Awesome, thank you. I would have posted pictures, but I can't seem to figure out how to from the phone
  6. I just picked up a '73 620 with a rebuilt l20 in it with less than 10k on it, my buddy who sold it to me let his kid grab the Webber off of it and for some reason, the kid took the intake manifold off and apart. the gasket looks to be in good shape where it counts(around the intake ports and water ports). I was wondering if I could get away with slapping some orange rtv on it and bolting it back together, or if getting a new intake/exaust gasket and cutting out and using just the intake part would be the way to go. also, I'm having a bear of a time finding a gasket for the water jacket side that bolts on to the manifold. If I made one, can it be cheapo gasket material or metal core? thanks!
  7. I had a wheel bearing go out and the outer race dug a big gouge in my front driver side hub. I didn't wreck on i 5, so everything is gravy, except my parts truck is a '76... So its got drums on front. Anyone know of any hubs that bolt up off of any other models, or makes? I'm striking out on finding one... Thank you!
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