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  1. 175 shipped for jets 150 shipped intake and linkages 500 shipped carbs and rebuild kits
  2. Jets are: mains 115 x3 130 x7 135 x6 140 x4 150 x4 155 x4 160 x9 165 x6 185 x2 Idle: 50f9 x2 55f8 x2 55f2 x4 Air correcter: 155 x3 165 x3 195 x4 205 x2 220 x3 Emulsion tubes: f12 x4 f16 x 4 I'd like to get $200 shipped for all jets. Over $500 retail
  3. I have a pair of weber 45 dcoe sidedrafts on cannon intake for datsun l series come with velocity stacks one cut to fit in 620 pu. Come with linkage 2 rebuild kits and over $500 worth of extra jets and emulsion tubes. The carbs are 45 dcoe 14 made in Italy. Asking $800 obo shipped located in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Datsun620sss@hotmail.com Webers and intake are sold. Jets and rebuild kits still available.
  4. is the ac unit still available if so lmk
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