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  1. hello ratsun community, I recently picked up a 72 4 door 510 and have run into some engine issues that I need help with. The l16 is bone stock with the exception of a weber 32/36. So for the first week I had it, it drove great with no problems but the other day when I started her up, it would bog out and die when I stepped on the gas pedal. it idles ok but it dies whenever you step on the gas pedal. It also seems to blow out white smoke when idling but I've checked the head gasket and it wasn't blown or anything. I have no idea where to look at next so please guys I need your help. Thanks guys, Geoff
  2. Hey guys, Haven't checked to see if theres a spark yet. I'll check it out tomorrow. The truck is at my friends house right now so I cant really go look at it at the moment. But the dash and everything works. Lights turn on, radio works, windshield wipers work and everything. I installed the carb like 2 months ago and it ran fine up until last week when I tried to start it and it wouldn't turn over. When I turn the key it will sputter and then stop.
  3. dottiethe620

    620 problem

    Hey guys, So I have a 1972 datsun 620 with an l16 motor and she's not starting. She was driving perfect one day and then the next she wouldn't turn over. the only upgrade to the engine is a weber downdraft and thats it. I've tried changing the oil, replacing the fuel filter, cleaning out the carb, and spraying starter fluid into the carb directly. Still nothing. If anyone has any idea of what the problem may be please let me know. I've kinda run out of places to look. Thanks guys.
  4. dottiethe620

    1972 620

    Hey guys I wanted to lower my 620 3 inches on lowering blocks and wanted to know the process and what other parts I will need. Thanks guys.
  5. dottiethe620

    1972 620

    Yeah it runs now but I do need to replace the carb soon. And I'll look into l20s and ka24s. I'm really trying to shy away from fuel injection and stick with carburetor though. And anyone have an idea of a 5 lug swap on 620s? I'm trying to get panasports, watanabes, etc.
  6. dottiethe620

    1972 620

    some pics to see what im working with for now
  7. dottiethe620

    1972 620

    Yeah sorry. Like I said new to this. And my plan is to keep the l16 engine and bore it out to a higher displacement. That's why I'm looking for a shop in the bay. I want to lower to 4-5 inches and was thinking of a 5 lug conversion so I can put panasports on later. Also thinking later after engine is mostly tuned that I'd go to dual sidedrafts. Either mikuni or weber.
  8. dottiethe620

    1972 620

    Hey guys so I'm new to the datsun scene and I just got a 620 last week. The entire engine is a bone stock l16. I've been tweaking around with the carb and have been thinking of putting a 32/36 weber in for the time being. Can anyone recommend any shops in the Bay Area that does good work on datsuns and also give me some ideas as I restore it? I will post pics later today.
  9. dottiethe620

    1972 620

    So I just bought my first datsun and its a 620 with the stock l16. Anyone recommend any shops in the Bay Area that does good work on datsuns? Also which step should I take first in restoring it?
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