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  1. DatsunLove

    Driveshaft yoke stuck in tranny!

    Yeah its pretty intense. It drives shifts etc fine. I've obviously not driven it much, sat for months when gear oil puked. but I recently moved and needed to move the truck. Drove it 2 hours with no problems. I ran it that day with bags all the way inflated for the entire drive in hopes that it may slowly work its self back out/loose. No luck.
  2. DatsunLove

    Driveshaft yoke stuck in tranny!

    long version .A little issue i'm having. 79 KC 620. My driveline got pushed too hard into the transmission, I'm on bags and when cruising around super low I was realizing that my driveline was binding into my transmission because my axel has about an inch +/- of forward travel with the 2 link panhard bar setup im running. I knew I had to pull the driveline and get it shortened a bit, then one day i took it for a drive. Pulled up to the house, and it dumped all of its gear oil in driveway. Ok so now it was a priority to get it pulled/shortened and to get a new seal. short version. Well now I've been trying to pull my driveline, and to no avail. I've tried hammers, a chain hooked to a large rolling jack as a sort of dead blow hammer, pb blaster etc, and nothing. Yoke moves about an inch back and forth on splines and that is all.... yet to try a come along, or another truck hooked to it... wondering if anyone has ever experienced something like this maybe on a lowered truck or an abused off road rig. Any good ideas?
  3. DatsunLove


    Got the front all done. Flipped and swapped upper control arms, removed torsion bars, lots of cutting and a little welding, but it lays frame now. Also got it all plumbed and need to work out a free bugs buts it's almost street ready :). Look at all that lift!
  4. DatsunLove


    Thanks! Hoping to start on the front tomorrow.
  5. DatsunLove


    Red truck is 100% bagged in the back laying frame. All the welds got finished up today. Also cut out the bed and got the bed on. Spray painted all the shiny metal and welds.
  6. DatsunLove

    Trucky-chan KA-T 620 project

    Awesome build. Really coming together nicely. How did you like the airtank gas tank? Did it work ok?
  7. DatsunLove

    "Farmers 620"

    Progress is progress. Atleast you are doing it slow and correct. This datsun will outlive you. Cant wait to see paint in this enginebay.
  8. DatsunLove

    fastdadd 79 kc 620

    Nice. Hope to see some progress looking good. Loving my 79 kc.
  9. DatsunLove


  10. DatsunLove


  11. DatsunLove


    Black truck has new aluminum radiator all in and full of new 50/50 mix. Also painted grill gloss black and test fitted a air dam off of who knows what. It is a perfect fit. Going to get some hardware and mount it. Also painted grill black. Im going to paint the black truck up with a mouth on it like a fighter plane and continue doing little crap like this too it. Itll be the artsy fun build.
  12. DatsunLove


    Also installed a new aluminum race style radiator in black truck, needs starter, and rear brake cylinder
  13. DatsunLove

    The hearse canby done

    Following Looks like a fun wierd project
  14. DatsunLove

    620 restore and modern update (daily driver)

    Good progress so far. Like the paint job on the engine.
  15. DatsunLove


    BIG UPDATE Red truck is running with a good l20b. Now its at rorys, getting bagged. Hes on here dont remember his screen name. He has a bagged bodied and boosted 620 with a ca18. Its already nearly half way done. I got a york compressor for it with stock 521 ac bracket, 3 gallon tank (for now), 3 paddle valves (for now). Its notched now big enough to lay on 18's. 2 linked, with traction bar. Bag on bar. Back is nearly finished. Should be all bagged over the next couple weeks. Ill keep you updated.

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