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  1. 720LOW


    Thank you all for the reply's! I am quite hopeful, to try or maybe give it a shot! I have a few good mates on the the welding end for the firewall and cross member sump etc... steering may be an issue being a right hand drive I will have no issues with the efi etc main concerns are the torsion bars is their any other options for the front end I would love coils over the Independent F/end. but happy either ways to work around if need be. Gary, thanks for the reply! I shall give them a call Monday. I wanted to go an SR20DET but found this and thought mmm interesting as I drove it before I took it out and the thing ran like an absolute dream on standard boost I thought I could maybe get it in with not too many hassles but yes could be more trouble than it's worth being an L20ET hoping not to engineer or re-reg it ever and if I were pulled over if they looked at the engine number they'd see L20 and leave me alone LMAO optimistic yet could get away with it! ;) lol Um I would maybe find a Z guy here in Aust as this would suit them perfectly if worse comes to worst. I will be doing some proper measurements tomorrow. Thanks for all the help anyone else with info much appreciated as I am doing it on a very tight budget! Jason
  2. 720LOW


    Howdy, hope we are all well... New news on the project, dropping the L20B build well it's built but I want to do something different! lol Okay I have a L20ET plus 5speed dogleg box H pattern from a MR30GT SKYLINE. 85mdl I have all the goodies loom computer Upgraded Turbo R33 Stock, 3" dump XR6 front mount radiator from the MR30GT DR30GT?? It's from my basic understanding a 6 cylinder 2L it's the size of a L24 I guess, I have no real idea what i'll need to do to get her in but any information about the motor itself plus other mods similar would be awesome! Thanks in Advance, Jason
  3. 720LOW

    New To the 720 crowd..

    Sweet ride mate. :thumbup:
  4. Love em :D Demian they look awesome what are your tyres specs? If I come ever come across titans I'll defs want a set. lol Still Chromies still look sick :)
  5. 720LOW

    Kingcab 720 85mdl Project

    New Mirrors, Bullet style. I love the mirrors yet not the placements covering existing holes from the previous mirrors for now. Lowered the front a little more :D love my 720 :) these wheels are a perfect offset no rubbing drives heavy on the wheel apart from that I am definitely more tame behind the wheel since the new editions. (wonder how long that lasts) looking to paint the old girl soon any suggestions on color choice? Cheers, Jason
  6. 720LOW

    Kingcab 720 85mdl Project

    Cheers. Thanks :D Yeah I like them Titan wheels I may yet see them on here one day, but these H3's look pretty sweet and for the price crazy not too.
  7. 720LOW

    GQ UTE differential to fit in a 720 UTE

    Yeah, haha this mainly a US site. :P true haha Yeah all good I'll match it up sunday hopefully. Yeah ebay the account drainer lol yeah I'm watching a few atm ;) here in oz :D
  8. 720LOW

    GQ UTE differential to fit in a 720 UTE

    Yeah no doubts, wouldn't be a bad slight upgrade lol ;) I want it for more to the ground action lol yeah I will measure these on the weekend I'll let people know either ways.
  9. 720LOW

    Kingcab 720 85mdl Project

    HUMMER H3 18's
  10. These are what I am running. haven't driven on them yet. might change tyres not sure whatda'do not 100% happy with the girlfriend if you know what I mean.
  11. 720LOW

    GQ UTE differential to fit in a 720 UTE

    H260 I am told. mmm please anyone?
  12. Brought these now going with these H3 18's What do you think?

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