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  1. And suddenly there is a flood of these things! An ebay purchase
  2. Damn! What took the picture? The Mars Rover?
  3. Other than the weird shift pattern and the fact that they are no stronger than a standard 510 4 speed, they are fine, as long as you don't put serious power behind them.
  4. My old Dog Leg came out of a 200SX and I did have to trim the trans tunnel hole. And yes, my 510 was also a '69
  5. Hopefully that's all it is. Good Luck!
  6. To be honest, I never really associated the Police and Ska until years later, and it was only because of the styles they kept using. Not saying that your friend is wrong, he probably has forgotten more than I will ever know about the So Cal music scene than I know, but I never even saw Qudrophenia until the late 80's! Ska was pretty big in the Latino community because it is a working class sound and has a Caribbean rythm. Thus some of the most popular latin groups today, in music that matters, are Ska style bands.
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