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  1. Update: From what I have heard, the Tail Lights are not going to happen. He wants to keep his focus on wheels and thus all parts dupes are either cancelled or on hold. So, no Blue Bird Coupe Tail Lights, no Dash Pads and no tail light finishers.
  2. Well, looks like I will have to bring some people with me to get around the 1 per person deal! Yes, I am a hoarder! And no, I don't re-sell or scalp people with these.
  3. Yesterday, Magnus Walker posted on his Instagram account that if you ordered anything of his site, he would throw in a couple of Hot Wheels. So I ordered a shirt, have been wanting one for some time, and sure enough, the HW's where in there. But, I requested if he could autograph them and he did! Very cool!
  4. Yesterday we lost the last Flying WIng prototype https://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/wwii-era-flying-wing-plane-has-fatally-crashed-on-state-1834228459
  5. Starting my front end rebuild while the body work goes on..
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