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  1. R.I.P. Rosemary Mariner - First Female Naval Jet Fighter Pilot
  2. Any Nissan VG30E crank will work. Do not use a VG33E crank as the snout is bigger and your oil pump and pulleys will not work with it!
  3. Oh yeah, TJ was the den of sin and truly deserves the name Sin City more than Vegas! They don't have a Donkey Show in Vegas, at least that I know of. The Long Bar, Rio Rita's, The House and so on. And Bambi and Unicorn Club is where any shred of innocence you had went to die! It was not until we got older, in our 20's, that we discovered some very high end clubs in the La Mesa area of TJ and by that time we had pretty much stopped going to TJ and started barnstorming around PB and Downtown San Diego. Good times!
  4. She is officially a flyer! XP-82 Twin Mustang has made its official maiden flight since restoration from pieces and scraps!
  5. Aaahhh! Good'ol Sprung Valley! That place was pretty crazy, but, since we could get to Tijuana, we only went a couple of times. The one thing we really did try to make every time was when 91X held Rock N Bowl Night. Those where pretty fun!
  6. Oh man, that is some good stuff! And this came roaring back into my head after listening to them.
  7. These bad boys have been buzzing around town lately due to the filming of "Top Gun 2"
  8. That is some serious hardware! And to think that we once thought Center Force was the cats pajamas!
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