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  1. So, I managed to score two of these off the Hot Wheels Red Line Club, who else got one?
  2. Super Treasure Hunt cars come with Special Spectraflame type paint jobs, Special Markings and Real Rider Wheels, which are two piece wheels with rubber tires. That's all.
  3. Found the Super Treasure Hunt for this the other day! image uploading site
  4. Well, I guess someone booby trapped an image, so fuck them! Here is a new one!
  5. Well, it is over 30 years old now.
  6. Sales starts today and ends 6/17 No limit on how many you can buy, but, you must be an RLC Member https://hotwheelscollectors.mattel.com/shop
  7. I just went to the one in El Segundo a few weeks ago. It was kind of a Cluster Fuck with the special Wagon edition they where selling. First they said they ran out, we got out of line, then they got more, so we got back in line, then they said more are coming, so we waited, and then they said no more! So I didn't get squat! Got a free shirt and some gloves, but I would have rather bought the wagon. So get there early and get in line ASAP! If you want that wagon.
  8. This is becoming a more common occurrence lately, with people swapping out cars and dumping junk in the pack and returning them. It is almost becoming a temptation to start collecting them as well! Errors and Scumbag Swaps! It is becoming more common with the multi packs. Lots of loose Wagons and Datsun 620 pick ups out there!
  9. There is also a short nose version, hence why Mike called it a Long Nose
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